Animal Research Facilities 2012 - Overview

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The new planning models for animal research facility upgrades, expansions, consolidations, and management initiatives are yielding dramatic improvements in operational, environmental, and financial performance based on four major facility criteria:

1.       High flexibility for accommodating research program changes,
2.       Low operating costs for bottom-line financial performance,
3.       High space utilization for the efficient use of existing resources, and
4.       Capacity expansion capability for growth opportunities.

Attend Tradeline's 24th annual animal research facilities conference in Scottsdale, Arizona to learn the details on the new facility solutions and facility operating models that will save your institution millions of dollars in capital and operating costs, raise the quality of animal care and research, and improve human and animal health and safety.

Twenty five conference sessions detail project and performance results, facility features, planning metrics, investment results, and lessons learned for:

  • High space utilization
  • Expanded capacity
  • Lower capital and operations cost
  • Adaptable space that can accommodate multiple species 
  • More efficient room, rack, and cage layouts
  • Sustainability through reduced water and energy use
  • More productive staff
  • More efficient and maintainable MEP systems
  • Better research quality

You’ll also examine first-hand the latest offerings in efficiency-raising equipment and technologies for animal housing, automation, air handling systems and controls, waste processing, surfaces and materials, specialty furniture, decontamination, and more.

Attend this conference as a team (managing veterinarians, research program directors, facility managers, capital project managers, engineering managers, space planners, and financial managers) to build consensus and momentum on the right direction and actions critical to the success of your institution's research program.

PLUS! Pre-conference workshop:
- The Fundamentals of Planning and Design of Animal Research Labs and MEP Systems
- ILAR Guide for the Care and Use of Lab Animals: Physical Plant Expectations and Certification Guidance from AAALAC

If you would like to participate as a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor, or would like updates as they become available please email Bill Nothofer at:  or call (925) 254-1744 x19.

Registration is OPEN.