Facility Strategies for Animal Research and Biocontainment

October 5-6, 2015
Boston, MA

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Tradeline’s Facility Strategies for Animal Research and Biocontainment conference in Boston focuses on the top priority planning and action items for animal research and biocontainment facilities (upgrades, reconfigurations, process improvements, and expansions), which are:

  1. Metrics – The new numbers for what constitutes up-to-date modern animal and biocontainment research facilities
  2. Flexibility – Faster, less costly modifications for unpredictable program changes and atypical programs/species.  
  3. Space use – Higher utilization and program density to get more program per capital dollar out of existing and new facilities.
  4. Building systems – Upgraded infrastructure to reduce energy use, and increased reliability and ease of maintenance.
  5. Costs – Lower operating and capital costs.
  6. Risk assessment – More precisely defined risk that results in efficient and safe plans and SOPs.

Attend this conference to get your planning team in sync with the new, efficient facility models, features, and technologies now being implemented to save millions in bottom-line dollars, cut capital expenditures, and create highly efficient, functional, and financially sustainable research platforms. 

Twenty-two conference sessions detail new planning metrics, project and performance results, facility features, investment results, and lessons learned for:

  • High occupancy density and space utilization
  • Airflow control and monitoring  
  • Accommodating multiple species with highly adaptable space 
  • More efficient room, rack, and cage layouts
  • Reduced water and energy use
  • High-containment systems, controls, and processes
  • Commissioning, start-up, and re-verification processes
  • New building materials and equipment
  • Decontamination and waste processing
  • Regulatory and certification compliance
  • More efficient and maintainable MEP systems

This conference is also your opportunity to examine and evaluate firsthand the latest offerings in efficiency-raising equipment and technologies for animal housing, automation, air handling systems and controls, decontamination, high-containment systems, waste processing, surfaces and materials, specialty furniture, hardware, and more.

PLUS! This pre-conference course on October 4th!
Fundamentals of Planning and Design of Animal Research and Biocontainment Labs

PLUS! Tour these local research facilities!
Pfizer’s Centralized Vivarium and Research Center
National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University Medical Campus


Who should attend?

Conference registration is open to all stakeholders involved in planning, design, construction, operation, and management of animal research and biocontaiment facilities including project managers, capital project teams, architects, engineers, facility and engineering managers, biocontaiment operations specialists, research veterinarians, animal facility and vivarium operations managers, animal resource managers, and biosafety officers.

If you would like to participate as a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor, or would like updates as they become available please email Marketing@TradelineInc.com or call (925) 254-1744 x 119.