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Deadline to Submit Speaking Applications: Friday, 3-20-2020

This is Tradeline's 32nd annual conference on animal research facilities.

All stakeholders who are interested in speaking at the conference are tasked to demonstrate innovative ideas, models, processes, equipment, and/or solutions for animal research facility upgrades and new construction initiatives. Your speaking proposal should address one or more of the priorities and elements below that were identified as priority issues.

General priorities:

  • Increased utilization of existing space
  • Renovating and upgrading outdated space, systems, and equipment
  • Improved animal research facility operations and cost reduction
  • Accommodating new types of space and programs  
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Expanding capacity within existing footprint
  • Integrating building control systems 
  • Mechanical system upgrades
  • Improving quality and accuracy of room and microenvironment data collection


  • Space utilization metrics and benchmarks for animal holding, procedure, and lab support
  • Capital project planning and management strategies
  • Capital project cost models: Renovation and new construction
  • Low cost flexibility features and equipment to accommodate rapid changes in programs
  • Increasing housing capacity for existing research programs
  • Planning for adaptability: Animal labs that can be converted for future use as general labs
  • Equipment, components, and systems that bring facility infrastructure into compliance with current regulations and standards 
  • Facility requirements for accreditation/certification
  • Strategies for the digitization of cages, racks, equipment, and space  
  • High ROI on capital improvement expenditures
  • Renovation strategies that support continued operations while construction is underway
  • Lean/efficient process workflow and logistics
  • Cost effective equipment to maximize automation and reduce labor/injuries
  • Environmental controls: Vibration, acoustics, temperature, humidity
  • Integrating procedure space into existing facilities
  • New technology for monitoring and control of building systems
  • More efficient caging, IVC, and rack solutions
  • LEAN processes for animal facility operations
  • Emerging equipment and technologies for vivarium operating efficiency
  • Reduced labor, energy, and maintenance costs
  • Wall and flooring materials
  • Facility requirements for highly specialized labs (aquatics, reptiles, arthropods, etc.)
  • Equipment and processes for reduced air changes
  • Facility features for safety and/or security
  • Improved decontamination, sterilization, and waste handling processes and technology