Top ten lessons learned for animal facility renovations, maintainability, reliability

September 26-27, 2022
Rohit Saxena, AIA
Co-Sector Leader, Science and Technology
Norman K Burdzel, PE
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), a world leader in mammalian genetics research places a tremendous emphasis on facility design, construction, and operations, and uses a rigorous process to ensure uninterrupted facility operations. Drawing from experience operating multiple mouse production facilities, JAX has distilled critical design and construction details that yield robust facilities with minimal maintenance activity disruptions and unparalleled systems reliability. Session leaders deliver top ten (10) lessons learned during the construction of Jackson Laboratory’s recent conversion of an old Lowes warehouse to one of the world’s most advanced and automated animal production facility in Ellsworth, Maine.

Monday, September 26, 2022 - 11:10am-12:05pm | Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 10:35am-11:30am
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
AIA Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW)