The 2014 International Conference on Biocontainment Facilities - Overview

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This conference has concluded.

Topics covered included details on the latest facility concepts, plans, and initiatives that are successfully delivering biocontainment capacity that is safe, secure, compliant, and operationally dependable for the lowest possible outlay of capital and operating costs involving the full spectrum of high-containment facility configurations -- BSL rooms, suite of BSL spaces, floors, entire buildings, and pre-fabricated containment modules. These are critical details for:

  • Lower operating costs
  • New airflow control standards
  • Regulatory and certification compliance
  • Maintenance standards and processes
  • Facility upgrade projects
  • High-containment suites in non-containment buildings
  • Competent personnel
  • Commissioning, start-up, re-verification policies and processes
  • Energy-use-reduction
  • The Integration of control systems
  • Decision-making on materials equipment
  • Decisions on decontamination and waste treatment

This conference, now in its 13th year, is the annual industry meeting where capital project and operations people, designers, engineers, consultants, research administrators, biosafety professionals, regulatory experts, and financial officers meet to develop consensus and set in motion institutional plans for capital, operations, and the infrastructure needed to support critical research programs.

Plus, these special pre-conference fundamentals courses provide an opportunity to get members of your team up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of capital projects, operations, and new compliance requirements for BSL facilities:

- Fundamentals of Planning and Design of Biocontainment Labs and MEP Systems
- NEW! Fundamentals of BSL-3/ABSL-3 Operations & Maintenance: Processes, Skills Training, Costs
- NEW! ABSA BSL-3 and ABSL-3 Non-Select Agent Lab Accreditation Program:  What you need to know to apply and qualify for accreditation