Upcoming Conferences

We hope you will join us for this year's conferences. Click the conference titles below for more detailed information (usually available approximately four months prior to each meeting). The most current information on these conferences is available through this Web site.

  • University Facilities for the Sciences and Advanced Technologies 2020 SPRING

    April 20-21, 2020, Scottsdale, AZ

    At this conference you’ll get the details on the newly emerging, multi-program science, engineering, and advanced technology capital project and planning initiatives that are changing the face of higher education campuses.

  • Research Facilities 2020

    April 23-24, 2020, Scottsdale, AZ

    At this conference you’ll get the new metrics, facility features, and capital project strategies for the major changes now occurring in high-technology and research laboratory work environments. The content of this conference has major planning implications for your research facilities, R&D workspace, and lab space renovations, upgrades, and expansions.

  • University Facilities 2020

    May 4-5, 2020, St. Petersburg, FL

    College and university directives aimed at campus and student life, new learning space, space utilization, revenue generation, community engagement, enrollment forecasts, collaboration, and shared use of physical and financial resources are transforming decisions and plans for all types of academic space and buildings.

  • Animal Research Facilities 2020

    October 15-16, 2020, Austin, TX

    At the 32nd annual animal research facilities conference, you’ll see leading-edge examples of, and get the decision-making rationales for, the latest facility renovation, new construction, and operations improvement initiatives.

  • Space Strategies 2020

    November 9-10, 2020, St. Petersburg, FL

    Higher space utilization, lower occupancy cost, reduced footprint, increased human and organizational performance, improved workplace experience, higher recruiting power, and healthier work environments – this is the new space planning and management proposition.

    Attend this conference to learn the new space utilization metrics, analytical techniques, space planning formulas, interior design concepts, space allocation solutions, technology systems, and cost models to meet your organization’s goals for:

  • University Facilities for the Sciences and Advanced Technologies 2020 FALL

    November 12-13, 2020, St. Petersburg, FL

    A transformation is underway in university facility and space planning models for the sciences, engineering, and advanced technologies. The drivers are ubiquitous program convergence, experiential learning platforms, the boom in maker culture and entrepreneurism, and market demand for highly-skilled, work-ready graduates in newly emerging, heavily funded high-tech research and development fields.