Upcoming Conferences

We hope you will join us for this year's conferences. Click the conference titles below for more detailed information (usually available approximately four months prior to each meeting). The most current information on these conferences is available through this Web site.

For information on speaking or presenting at upcoming conferences, please see Abstract Submittal Deadlines

  • The new plans, metrics, and models for labs, offices, cores, and support space
    April 27-28, 2017
    Hilton San Diego Mission Bay Resort
    San Diego, CA

    A major research workspace paradigm shift is underway. The success of your upcoming capital project initiatives for research facilities and labs will depend on your group making the right decisions about these major planning issues being examined at this conference: Open, shared work environments; space allocation and utilization metrics; wet-damp-dry lab types; offices and office plans; support space; shared resources; core research facilities; flexibility; collaboration and entrepreneurship; and advanced mechanical systems and controls.

  • Flexibility - Upgrades - Affordability - Safety/Security - Space Utilization - Efficient Systems
    October 2-3, 2017
    Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel

    At this conference, you’ll get the technologies, capital project details, metrics, costs, and outcomes of the latest renovation, modernization, and upgrade initiatives for regulatory and certification compliance, space utilization, reduced costs, facility flexibility, and improved quality of research. 

  • New Strategies and Plans - Space Utilization and Management - Renewal/Modernization - New Work Environments
    October 5-6, 2017
    Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel

    Attend this conference to get the latest plans and initiatives for facility modernization, expansion, and new construction that are responding to major directional shifts in medical and health sciences education, training, and research. Here you’ll get the details on the latest facility solutions for space and occupancy planning; space management; emerging virtual and augmented reality medical simulation; new teaching pedagogies; shared research and training resources; the open, team-based, and collaborative "academic medical workspace of the future"; flexibility; planning for precision health and genomics-driven research; and forging institutional partnerships.

  • New Models and Metrics - Workplace Experience - Utilization - Strategic Plans - Financial Impacts
    November 13-14, 2017
    The Vinoy Renaissance Resort
    St. Petersburg, FL

    Big changes in the planning, allocation, management, and utilization of space are reducing footprint and occupancy costs, and producing healthier workplaces, superior human performance, and an improved employee workplace experience.  At this conference you’ll learn the new space utilization metrics, analytical techniques, facility planning and interior design concepts, space allocation processes and solutions, integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and software, cost models, and the results of new space strategy initiatives, and how these successful initiatives are being executed.

  • Capital Projects - Teaching and Research - Program Growth - Collaborative Cultures - Entrepreneurship
    November 16-17, 2017
    The Vinoy Renaissance Resort
    St. Petersburg, FL

    Attend this conference to benchmark your plans for modernization, repurposing, expansion and new construction initiatives against what leading peer institutions are putting in place to successfully grow STEM teaching and research programs in multi-use buildings. Here, you’ll get details on robust student and faculty recruitment features, shared resource strategies, new lab/support space/office solutions, project- and problem-based education facility strategies, entrepreneurship space, and lower capital and operating costs.

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