Upcoming Conferences

We hope you will join us for this year's conferences. Click the conference titles below for more detailed information (usually available approximately four months prior to each meeting). The most current information on these conferences is available through this Web site.

For information on speaking or presenting at upcoming conferences, please see Abstract Submittal Deadlines

  • New Models and Metrics - Workplace Experience - Utilization - Strategic Plans - Financial Impacts
    November 13-14, 2017
    The Vinoy Renaissance Resort
    St. Petersburg, FL

    The new space planning and management proposition is this:  Higher space utilization, reduced footprint, lower occupancy cost, increased human and organizational performance, improved workplace experience, higher recruiting power, and healthier work environments.

  • Capital Projects - Teaching and Research Space - Program Growth - Collaborative Cultures - Maker Space
    November 16-17, 2017
    The Vinoy Renaissance Resort
    St. Petersburg, FL

    A generational transformation is underway in science and engineering facilities planning for 1) the convergence of science and engineering disciplines and space; 2) a culture of collaboration, openness, and interaction; 3) project- and problem-based education; 4) training in entrepreneurship skills; 5) shared physical and financial resources; 6) prototyping space and innovation hubs; 7) radically changed lab/lab-support ratios; and 8) widespread flexibility and adaptability. Attend this conference to see and learn the new metrics, features, rationales, costs, and outcomes for the latest outstanding new-era building and space planning initiatives. 

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