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Core facilities are the production engines of high-technology based research, science, and health programs.  They provide advanced analytical, diagnostic, and pilot-scale manufacturing capabilities, competitive recruitment advantages, central points for collaboration and interaction, and the potential for new profit centers.  But core facility success depends on getting a complex set of demanding requirements right – requirements for space, capital, user access, equipment, operating costs, building infrastructure, constructability, and long-term flexibility.

This NEW conference focuses on the new planning, cost, and functional requirements for design, construction, administration, and operation of core facilities that include cell manipulation and processing, tissue science, imaging/microscopy, characterization, cGMP, diagnostics, cleanroom, analytical chemistry, animal research, biocontainment, nanotechnology, high-performance computing, multi-function, and other emerging high-tech support facilities.

Attend this conference to check your plans, processes, and new high-tech facility initiatives against what leading institutions are doing to deliver high-performance core facilities with:

-      Enhanced adaptability and flexibility
-      Reduced operations cost
-      Improved access, adjacencies, and ease of use
-      More robust, stable environments (EMI, vibration, biosafety)
-      Improved commissioning and operability
-      Better building systems and controls
-      Improved institutional resource sharing
-      Lower energy use
-      Higher space utilization
-      Improved constructability
-      Safer, healthier environments
-      Enhanced interaction and collaboration
-      Simplified maintenance and service flows
-      Enhanced visibility within (and outside) the institution

PLUS! Tour these outstanding local core facilities!
The Cell Therapies Core (CTC) at the Moffitt Cancer Center
The Small Animal Imaging Laboratory (SAIL) at Moffitt Cancer Center

PLUS! This post-conference course on May 6th!
The Fundamentals of Planning and Design of Modern Labs and MEP Systems

Attend this conference as a research facilities planning team to get your key players and decision-makers on the same planning page and to build consensus and momentum on the right research facilities planning and management model for your institution.  Planning teams include representatives from capital planning, engineering, operations, research, financial administration, design, and construction.

If you would like to participate as a speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor, or would like updates as they become available please email or call (925) 254-1744 x 119.