Past Participants

Previous Tradeline conferences on this topic (or similar topics) have attracted the following participants:
Arizona State University(Dir Engineering, Research and Utilities)
Arizona State University(Dir, Facilities & Space Renovations)
Arizona State University(Dir, Research Facilities & Infrastructure)
Arizona State University(Energy Manager)
Arizona State University(Facilities & Planning Manager)
Arizona State University(Facility Space Plan Coordinator)
Arizona State University(Proj Mgr, Facilities Development/Mgmt)
Arizona State University(Project Manager Senior)
Arizona State University(Senior Architect)
Auburn University(Assistant Director)
Auburn University(University Engineer)
Bates College(Dir, Capital Planning & Construction)
Bethel University(Asst Professor of Chemistry)
Bethel University(Dean of Natural & Behavioral Sciences)
Bethel University(Professor of Biological Sciences)
Bethel University(Professor of Physics)
Bethel University(VP Facilities & Technlogy)
Binghamton University(Watson Manager)
Boise State University(Sr Project Manager)
Boston College(Dir of Introductory Chemistry Laboratories)
Boston University(Asst Dir, Construction Services)
Boston University(Project Manager)
Boston University(Sr Interior Designer)
California Baptist University(Director of Facilities & Planning Services)
California Inst for Telecommunications & IT(Principal Dvlpmt Engr/Mgr of Prototyping Facil)
California State University, Bakersfield(Assoc VP for Development)
California State University, Bakersfield(Dean)
California State University, Los Angeles(Dean, College of Engineering)
California State University, San Marcos(Assoc Dean)
California State University, San Marcos(Professor)
California State University, San Marcos(Vice Provost)
Campbell County School District(Deputy Superintendent)
Cascadia College(Asst Dir of Facilities)
Central Connecticut State University(Dean)
College of Western Idaho(Facilities Planning Manager)
Colorado State University(Dean of Natural Sciences)
Colorado State University(Professor and Chair)
Concordia University, Montreal(Dir, Facilities Planning & Development)
Dean College(Asst VP Capital Planning/Facilities)
Duke University(Assoc Dean, Finance & Administration)
Duke University(Director of Facilities)
Eastfield College(Executive Dean, STEM)
EnVision Maker Studio(Staff Director)
Florida A&M University(Asst Dean, Coll of Science & Technology)
Florida A&M University(Dean, College of Science & Technology)
Florida A&M University(Faculty Development Coordinator)
Florida Institute of Technology(VP for Facilities Operations)
Fresno City College(Dean of Math, Science, & Engineering)
Geisinger System Services(Lead Facility Planner)
Gillette College(Faculty)
Gillette College(STEM Steering Committee Member)
Gillette College(Vice President & CEO)
Harvard University(Exec Dir of Space Plng & Design)
Harvard University(Faculty Co-Chair Allston Plng/Area Dean Comp Sci)
Harvard University(Project Manager)
Harvard University(Senior Director of Facilities Operations)
High Point University(Dean)
Houston Community College(Chief Facilities Officer)
Houston Community College(Dean of Earth, Life & Natural Science)
Humboldt State University(Assoc Dir of Planning & Design)
Humboldt State University(Assoc VP, Facilities Management)
Jackson State University(Dean, College of Sci/Engr/Tech)
Johnson & Wales University(Sr Vice President of Administration)
Kent State University(Assoc Dir of Architecture & Engineering)
King Abdullah University of Science & Tech(Dir of Core Labs & Major Facilities)
Lehigh University(University Architect)
Liberty University(Dean, School of Eng & Comp Science)
Liberty University(Interim Dir of Facil & Dir of Engr Tech)
Louisiana State University(Dean, College of Science)
Loyola University Chicago(Sr Project Manager)
Manhattan College(Dean of Science)
Marian University of Wisconsin(Professor)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Director of Facilities)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Facilities Manager)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Facility Operation)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Project Manus Asst Director)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Senior Campus Planner)
Massey University(Facility Manager)
McMaster University(Administrator, Research & Facilities)
Miami University(Assoc Dir of Capital Project)
Michigan State University(Senior Architect)
Morgan State University(Project Manager)
National Institutes of Health(Architect)
National Institutes of Health(Architect/Project Officer)
National Institutes of Health(Branch Chief, DTSB)
National Science Foundation(Project Officer)
North Carolina State University(Assoc Director - Design)
North Carolina State University(Assoc University Architect)
North Carolina State University(Design Project Manager)
North Carolina State University(Facilities Planner)
Northeastern University(Dir of Facilities, Safety & Sustainability)
Northeastern University(Project Director)
Northeastern University(Provost Emeritus & Sr Advisor to President)
Northwestern University(Assoc Dean of Admin, Finance & Planning)
Northwestern University(Asst Dir Facilities, Space & Safety)
Northwestern University(Asst Dir of Facilities Planning)
Northwestern University(Science Buildings Manager)
Ohio University(Professor)
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research(Sr Manager, Laboratory Infrastructure)
Oregon Health & Science University(Assoc VP of Campus Development)
Oregon State University(Design & Construction Manager)
Oregon State University(Project Manager)
Oxford College of Emory University(Dean of Resource Planning & CFO)
Oxford College of Emory University(Professor of Biology)
Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District(Exec Dir of Maintenance, Facil & Construction)
Prince William Sound Science Center(Laboratory Facilities Manager)
Prince William Sound Science Center(President & CEO)
Purdue University(Project Manager)
Quinsigamond Community College(Director of Facilities)
Quinsigamond Community College(Exec Dir of Facilities & Capital Planning)
RAND Corporation(Director, Facilities & Real Estate)
Red Bluff Joint Union High School District(Dir, Maintenance, Ops, Trans, & Facil)
Research Park at South Dakota State University(CEO)
Rogue Community College(Asst Dir, Facilities & Operations)
Rogue Community College(Coordinator of High Technology Center)
Rogue Community College(Dean of Science & Technology)
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology(Sr VP & Chief Administrative Officer)
Rowan University(Dean)
Rowan University(Dean, College of Science & Mathematics)
Rowan University(Senior Project Manager)
Rutgers University(Director, IFNH)
San Jose State University(Building & Safety Specialist)
Sandia National Laboratories(Program Manager)
Santa Clara University(EHS Manager)
Santa Clara University(Senior Assistant Dean)
Santa Clara University(Senior Project Manager)
Seattle University(Assoc Professor, Chemistry)
Seattle University(Dean, College of Science & Engineering)
Seattle University(Director of Design & Construction)
Seattle University(Senior Project Manager)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Assistant Dir, Professional Officers Division)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Assoc Provost, Academic Programs)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Asst Dir, Enterprise & Innovation Hub)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Cluster Director)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Cluster Director, Engineering)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Deputy Director, Safety & Health)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Deputy President (Academic) & Provost)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Dir, Professional Officers Division)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Director, Estates)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Manager)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Project Director)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Vice President, Planning)
St. Cloud State University(Dept Chair, Environmental & Tech Studies)
St. John's University(Associate Vice President)
Stanford University(Project Manager)
Tamagawa University(President)
Texas A&M University(Asst Vice Chancellor for Facil Plng & Mgmt)
Texas A&M University(Interim Dir, Inst Engr Edu & Innovation)
Texas State University(Dir of Engineering Services)
Texas Tech University Operations Division(Assoc Managing Director)
Texas Tech University(Dir, Research Facilities)
Texas Tech University(Sr Construction Project Mgr)
The Feinstein Institute(Chief Operating Officer)
The Ohio State University(Dean, Natural & Mathematical Sciences)
The Ohio State University(Director of Projects)
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies(Visiting Scholar & Research Collaborator)
The Univ of Texas at Austin(Project Manager)
The Univ of Texas at Dallas(Assoc VP Facilities Management)
Touro College & University System(Dir, Energy, Environment, Health & Safety)
Trinity College Dublin(Head of Cap Proj & Planning, Estates, & Facils)
Trinity University(Associate Professor)
Tufts University(Department Manager)
Tufts University(Director, Campus Planning)
Tufts University(Electronics Shop Supervisor)
Tufts University(Exec Admin Dean for Arts & Sciences)
Tufts University(Senior Project Manager)
Univ at Albany, SUNY(Director of Campus Planning)
Univ de los Andes(Engineer)
Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks(Professor & Dean)
Univ of Alberta(Dir, Facility Planning & Projects)
Univ of Arizona(Proj Mgr, Special Facilities at PBC)
Univ of Bridgeport(Dir of Engineering Labs)
Univ of Bridgeport(Exec Dir of Facilities, Planning & Ops)
Univ of Calgary(Manager, Campus Planning)
Univ of Calgary(Planning Specialist)
Univ of California, Merced(Building Service Manager)
Univ of California, Merced(Equipment & Inventory Manager)
Univ of California, San Diego School of Medicine(Project Analyst)
Univ of California, San Diego(Associate Dean)
Univ of California, San Diego(Exec Asst Dean for Finance/Admin)
Univ of California, San Diego(Principal Architect/Project Manager)
Univ of California, San Francisco(Space & Operations Analyst)
Univ of California, Santa Barbara(Project Manager)
Univ of Cincinnati(Associate Professor)
Univ of Colorado Boulder(Architect & Facilities Planner)
Univ of Dayton(Space & Safety Coordinator)
Univ of Florida(Director, Facilities Planning & Operations)
Univ of Florida(Senior Project Manager)
Univ of Houston(Asst VP for Research Administration)
Univ of Houston(Executive Director)
Univ of Houston(Principle Project Manager)
Univ of Houston(Sr Project Manager)
Univ of Illinois(Director of Facilities)
Univ of Illinois, College of Engineering(Director of Facilities)
Univ of Kansas(Assoc Professor)
Univ of Kansas(Dir of Const/Prof Civil, Environ, & Arch Eng'g)
Univ of Kentucky(Professor & Chair, Dept of Biology)
Univ of Lethbridge(Assoc Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science)
Univ of Lethbridge(Co-Chair Physics & Astronomy)
Univ of Lethbridge(Project Manager)
Univ of Lethbridge(Project Mgr, Destination Project Office)
Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor(Assoc Dean, Natural Sciences)
Univ of Mary(Asst Dir of Physical Plant)
Univ of Mary(Campus Architect)
Univ of Maryland, Baltimore(Project Manager)
Univ of Massachusetts, Lowell(Project Manager)
Univ of Massachusetts, Lowell(Senior Facilities Manager)
Univ of Miami(Associate Vice President)
Univ of Miami(Exec Dir of Finance & Administration)
Univ of Miami(Sr. Project Manager)
Univ of Michigan(College of Engineering Facilities Director)
Univ of Michigan(Facilities Operations Business Mgr)
Univ of Mississippi(Associate Provost Emeritus)
Univ of Nebraska - Lincoln(Assoc Professor)
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas(Assoc VP for Research)
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas(Asst Dir, Research Infrastructure)
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas(Research Infrastructure Manager)
Univ of New Brunswick(Assoc VP, Capital Plng & Property Dvlpmt)
Univ of New Brunswick(Operations Engineer)
Univ of New Brunswick(Professor & Administrator)
Univ of North Carolina Wilmington(Assoc Dean, College of Arts & Sciences)
Univ of North Texas System(Sr Project Architect)
Univ of Notre Dame(Sr Director, Project Mgmt)
Univ of Oregon(Energy Systems Manager)
Univ of Oregon(Project Mechanical Engineer)
Univ of Pennsylvania(Assoc Dir, Facil Design & Construction)
Univ of Pittsburgh(Project Manager)
Univ of Pittsburgh(Vice Provost for Data & Information)
Univ of Pittsburgh, Bradford(Director Facilities Management)
Univ of Rhode Island(Professor & Chair, Chemistry)
Univ of San Diego(Dean)
Univ of San Francisco(Assoc Dean for Academic Operations)
Univ of San Francisco(Assoc Dean for Sciences)
Univ of San Francisco(Director of Project Management)
Univ of San Francisco(Project Manager)
Univ of San Francisco(Resources & Planning Manager)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Assistant Professor)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Planner)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Professor)
Univ of South Florida(Facilities & Safety Manager)
Univ of St. Thomas(AVP, Facilities Management)
Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville(Director of Design)
Univ of Texas at Arlington(Dean, College of Engineering)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Project Manager/Architect)
Univ of Texas at El Paso(Associate Vice President)
Univ of Texas at El Paso(Director, CERM)
Univ of Texas at San Antonio(Dir, Facilities Plng & Dvlp)
Univ of Texas System(Project Manager)
Univ of Texas System(Senior Project Manager of Research)
Univ of Toronto(Director, Facilities & Infrastructure)
Univ of Toronto(Mgr, Hardware Teaching Labs Group)
Univ of Virginia(Space Manager)
Univ of Washington(Exec Director, Major Capital Projects)
Univ of Washington(Project Manager)
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison(Assistant Dean)
Univ of Wisconsin-Parkside(Dean)
Univ of Wyoming(Dean of Engineering & Applied Science)
Univ of Wyoming(Prof, Department of Physics & Astronomy)
University at Albany(Assoc Provost for Program Development)
Vanderbilt University(Dean, School of Engineering)
Virginia Tech(Director of Facilities)
Virginia Wesleyan College(Assoc Provost & Professor of Biology)
Virginia Wesleyan College(Prof of Earth Science & Dean)
WA State Bldg & Const Trades Council(Chief Architect)
Washington State University(Dir, Facilities & Infrastructure)
Washington University in St. Louis(Dir of Facilities, Planning & Management)
Wayne State University(Director, Project Management)
Wayne State University(Vice President of Research)
Weber State University(Assistant Dean)
Weber State University(Dean)
Webster University(Chair, Dept of Biological Sciences)
Webster University(Dir of Facilities Planning & Management)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Campus Architect)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Project Manager)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Senior Director)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Senior Project Manager)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Sr Project Manager)
West Virginia University(Facilities Coordinator)
Wright State University(Dir, Business Enterprise Center)
York University(Dir - Plng, Architectural Design, & Renovations)
York University(Planner)
York University(Project Coordinator)