Space and Facilities Administration Project Manager

Emory University
School of Medicine

The Project Manager, Space and Facilities Administration shall be responsible for the following duties:

  • Assists in the development and implementation of the School of Medicine's (SOM) space procedures and process improvements.
  • Act as a liaison between facilities and the SOM for all repairs and renovations both scheduled and emergency.
  • Assists in communications of critical facilities information, including but not limited to notifications of shutdowns and updates on repairs as necessary.
  • Conducts regular walkthroughs of SOM space per the following schedule:
    • Annual walkthrough to confirm space allocations and room classifications.
    • Quarterly walkthroughs to confirm spaces are kept up and no repairs are necessary (light bulbs changed, spaces clean and clear of debris, etc.)
  • Tracks and provides oversight of standard annual maintenance provided by Campus Service as per their guidelines. 
  • Assists in compiling and maintaining a prioritized list of recommended upgrades and general maintenance repairs based on quarterly walkthroughs.
    • Places necessary work orders for general building maintenance requests in SOM areas.
    • Updates building directory signs based on quarterly walkthroughs or as necessary.
  • Manages the SOM space database following University and SOM standards and policies.
    • Departments are responsible to update monthly as necessary, but the Coordinator shall spot check during annual walkthroughs.
    • Coordinator shall be responsible for updating SOM education space and all SOM administration spaces.  
    • Coordinator is responsible only for the “Assignments” information, not allocation of “Smartkey Information”, “Room Occupants” or “Functional Usage”. Departments are expected to keep additional information accurate.
  • Assists with the management of incoming space and renovation requests.
    • Handles all incoming space request and renovation request forms to be reviewed weekly with the Associate Director.
    • Assists in the validation of space requests outside a Department’s currently assigned footprint by assessing requests based on current research density of department and individual PIs.
    • Assists in review of renovation requests based on feasibility, SOM standards and long term strategic planning.
  • Confirms that all space to be reallocated to a new department is ready to accept new occupants.
    • Verifies that the space is clean and all items have been removed by previous occupant/department.
    • Verifies that any necessary inspections by EHSO or Campus Services have been completed and the necessary procedures are followed.
  • Oversight of capital projects.
    • Coordinates with the SOM staff/faculty and Planning, Design and Construction Project Managers as necessary.
    • Monitors critical timelines and budgets.
    • Monitors projects to confirm all projects meet SOM standards.
    • Assist in coordinating any necessary moves as a result of capital project.
  • Manages upgrade projects, including but not limited to, placing relevant work orders, reviewing estimates, coordinating with necessary SOM departments and Campus Services and ensuring timelines are met.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A bachelor's degree and three years of experience in facilities and space management. Degree in architecture, engineering, or a facility management program, such as Urban Planning, with experience in a research/academic environment is preferred. An equivalent combination of education, training and experience may be considered. Strong communication skills and proficiency with Excel and report writing required. Must be able to work independently as well as with teams. Must be detailed oriented and have the ability to work successfully across multiple organization units.

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