University Space Planner

University of North Carolina-Wilmington
Academic Affairs - Institutional Research & Planning

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is seeking qualified applicants for the position of University Space Planner, a critical role that guides space use and planning as part of the university's strategic and master plans. The position requires a Master's degree and two-to-four years of experience. More details can be found at the link and a brief description of the position is included here:

The University Space Planner conducts short and long-range space planning and analysis for the university which includes monitoring the utilization of, and needs for all space on campus. The position provides coordination of space programming needs related to the strategic implementation of the University’s Master Plan. This position has oversight responsibility for the maintenance of the Space Planning and Management Space Inventory data base, the AiM space planning module.

This position is critical for supporting the university’s commitment to and capacity for integrated planning, including space planning and management, which figures prominently in the university’s accreditation. Accreditation associations focus attention on the use of integration and alignment of strategic plans that are clearly supported by adequate space. This requires assessment and evaluation of current spaces for the most productive use of space to develop efficient plans and secure facilities and equipment to support dynamic learning and discovery experiences. The University Space Planner serves as the lead consultant to the institution related to the generation and evaluation of space allocation proposals. The position works independently with institutional data to complete technical analysis of proposed space costs and campus impact to determine feasibility of space proposals. The role manages space allocation processes and facilitates the identification and prioritization of space needs to support project planning, design and implementation.

The position will analyze functional space needs for the major categories of teaching, laboratory, open laboratory, research laboratory, and office space for the campus and will manage the allocation of this scarce resource for the university. The position will have significant administrative responsibilities and duties in a dedicated role providing expert advice and counsel to senior leadership to support the management and allocation of campus space with integration of strategic planning and budgeting. This position provides strategic insight and decisions related to large and complex space programming needs and allocations of capital projects and campus renovations which are rooted in institutional data and projections for institutional space needs based on forecasted student enrollment and trends and personnel growth.

The University Space Planner communicates with senior administrative officers and management, operations work groups, and campus committees, in the role of consultant in support and achievement of pre-planning and space allocation goals and assigned projects. This includes detailed analysis of space utilization and allocation of current buildings/spaces with recommendations for the possible allocation and utilization of new and projected buildings/spaces. The position oversees the Space Allocation policy and serves as the Chair to the university Space Allocation Committee, with specific recommendations made to the Executive Committee on Space. The position provides updates to campus through the Space Planning webpage(s) as needed, as well as provide direction to Space Planning staff.

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