University of Oregon
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Department Summary
Campus Planning & Facilities Management (CPFM) supports a quality university experience through the operations, maintenance and cleaning of campus buildings, building systems, utilities, equipment, and grounds. Our customers are the students, faculty, and staff of the university, campus visitors, and the employees of CPFM. We guide the development of the campus through the creation of buildings, open spaces, and plans that protect and continue the legacy we have inherited.

Facilities Services is one of five units within Campus Planning & Facilities Management (CPFM). Facilities Services supports a quality university experience through the operations, maintenance, and cleaning of campus buildings, building systems, utilities, equipment, and grounds.

Custodial Services maintains a safe, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing environment in order to enhance the learning experience.

Position Summary
The purpose of the Custodian position is to maintain clean, safe and sanitary conditions inside and outside of University of Oregon operated facilities. Duties include sanitation of restrooms, floor and window care, general cleaning of building interior and surrounding area, emptying garbage and recycling, assisting with minor maintenance and with arrangement of furniture for events.

The Custodian position is physically demanding. Typical duties require heavy lifting, stair climbing, bending, stretching, reaching, squatting, kneeling, pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, extensive walking on hard smooth finishes as well as uneven surfaces and prolonged periods of exertion.

The work schedule may consist of day, swing, graveyard or weekend shifts. A shift may require work in multiple buildings across campus and may necessitate the transport of equipment and supplies to buildings via cart, hand truck or by driving university vehicles as appropriate for needs of the unit. Work will include the use of germicidal, sanitizing and other cleaning products and may require the clean-up of bodily fluids. Temperatures, noise level, and air quality will vary.

Custodians may be in regular daily contact with students, faculty, and staff that will require exceptional customer service. Custodians will work directly with the Custodial Supervisor and/or Custodial Services Coordinator in order to request and coordinate needed repairs or services. This communication may be by memo, telephone, radio, email, and/or in person.

With the guidance of the Custodial Supervisor and/or Custodial Services Coordinator, the incumbent makes decisions on work priorities, necessary materials and equipment, the means of accomplishing duties and personal and public safety. These decisions affect work productivity and protection of the aesthetic quality and monetary investment of the campus buildings. Work is reviewed regularly by the Custodial Services Supervisor and the Custodial Services Coordinator.

Essential Personnel
This unit provides essential services during times of emergencies and inclement weather. This position may be required to fulfill essential services and functions during these times.

Physical Demands
This position is very physically demanding. The person in this position must be able to lift 50 pounds. Typical duties require climbing, crouching, stooping, handling, reaching, twisting, bending, carrying, pulling, pushing, standing, walking and repetitive movement.

Minimum Requirements
• At least one year of work experience providing a service-type function (customer service, custodial service, etc.) in a reliable and consistent manner.

Professional Competencies
• Ability to perform duties in a way that advances and supports the mission of the department and university.
• Ability to work effectively in a diverse team environment and create effective relationships for problem-solving and positive interactions.
• Demonstrated initiative, looking for what needs to be done and doing it.
• Attentiveness to detail.
• Ability to maintain a safe and safety-conscious workplace.
• Ability to maintain a respectful workplace and model a positive and proactive attitude.
• Ability to model the highest ethical standards.
• Superior customer service skills.
• Basic computer skills including email.

Preferred Qualifications
• Experience with commercial cleaning equipment and industrial custodial chemicals.


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