New Jersey City University
FCM- Maintenance

SALARY RANGE:   $58,687.32 - $83,251.51


RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the supervisor of the Engineer-in-Charge, in a state department, institution or agency of relatively small size and complexity, supervises employees engaged in repair, maintenance, minor construction, adjustment of mechanical installations, and equipment, maintenance of grounds: does related work as required.


EXAMPLES OF WORK: Plans work programs and working procedures and when these are approved, develops appropriate schedules, and methods. Assists in assigning and instructing other employees working in plumbing, steam, refrigeration, electric, water and sewage, carpentry, painting, masonry, sheet metal, repair work, and other types of maintenance work. Plans and executes the effective utilization of available funds, personnel, equipment, materials, and supplies.

Periodically inspects the varied systems and plants concerned with buildings and structures, notes potential or active dangerous conditions, and ascertains the nature and extent of needed repairs. Issues shop orders to all craftsmen and other employees and sees that work projects are completed in an efficient manner. Schedules and coordinates the flow of materials with the assignments of maintenance personnel so that the order of work and job progress are properly maintained.

Supervises employees engaged in simple and/or complex steam, electrical, refrigeration, water and/or sewage, painting, carpentry, masonry, metal, and other work. Obtains, stores, safeguards, records, distributes, and supervises

the use of equipment and supplies. Assists in establishing current preventive maintenance procedures. Prepares work progress and other reports. Establishes and maintains needed records and files of personnel, equipment, materials, supplies, work done, time spent; maintains an up to date file system with necessary shop drawings, manuals, and plans of buildings and equipment


EXPERIENCE: Three (3) years of supervisory experience, at the foreman level or above, in the maintenance and repair of buildings, and grounds which shall have included the preparation of cost estimates.


KNOWLEDGES AND ABILITIES:   Knowledge of developing and maintaining work programs for employees performing carpentry, plumbing, steam fitting, refrigeration painting, electrical, masonry, grounds work, and other types of building maintenance, and repair work. Knowledge of estimating costs and preparation of cost estimates. Ability to interpret blueprint and specifications. Ability to ascertain the nature of needed repairs, to determine and obtain personnel needed, to see that the repair work is done and to supervise its completion. Ability to prepare and issue shop orders to craft people and check the progress and quality of their work. Ability to recognize, locate and take the measures needed to eliminate hazardous, potentially dangerous, and other significant conditions. Ability to supervise the work involved in making laboratory and/or engineering tests of sewage, boiled water, potable water, electric machinery, and other systems. Ability to prepare reports and maintain files. Ability to read, write, speak, understand, or communicate in English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position.

LICENSE: Appointee will be required to possess a driver's license valid in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee mobility, is necessary to perform the duties of the position.

Provisional appointment pending an examination given by the Civil Service Commission.


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