Director of Security and Support Services

University of Oregon
Police Department

Salary: $90,000-$100,000 annually

Department Summary
The University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) is a unit within Safety and Risk Services in the Finance and Administration portfolio. Finance and Administration is a vibrant and varied portfolio serving all aspects of campus life. Our employees perform a wide range of functions including offering essential financial tools and support to the university’s many departments, providing key resources to employees, and keeping campus safe, clean, accessible and beautiful.

The UOPD is a community oriented and trust based policing agency within the University of Oregon. The UOPD plays an integral role in the university community by providing a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. The mission is to foster a climate that encourages a free, open, and civil exchange of ideas in support of the educational, research, and public service goals of the University. The UOPD recognizes and promotes the value of multiculturalism and inclusiveness consistent with a spirit of responsible citizenship within an international community. The University of Oregon is a diverse and ever changing community. Constant efforts by the UOPD are necessary to partner with and educate the community to deter, reduce, and solve crimes as well as to resolve issues through modern policing.

Position Summary
Reporting to the Chief of Police, the Director of Security and Support Services is a member of the senior command staff and manages professional staff both directly and through subordinate supervisors. The Director plans comprehensive division goals and objectives, is responsible for their implementation, and the results achieved by managing the workflow and assignments of subordinate staff. The Director is responsible for managing the administrative and support functions as well as security and special events within the University of Oregon Police Department including: Building Access Control program management, security camera program management, liaising with external units such as Finance and Administration Shared Services, Purchasing and Contracting Services, and Facilities Management. They are responsible for Division Policy and Procedure development and maintenance, department accreditation, audits, IGA’s and MOU’s.

As outlined in the Finance and Administration Shared Services Partnership agreements, the Director acts as the department lead on all matters related to security and department technology needs. The Director will participate in various university-wide projects and/or programs including but not limited to the planning and implementation of a robust security plan focused on protecting critical infrastructure related to university research. Finally, they will attend various university and community functions as required by the Chief of Police.

Driving Requirement:
It is an essential requirement of this position to qualify for and maintain UO driver's certification eligibility, which includes maintaining an Oregon driver’s license throughout employment in this position.

Essential Personnel:
This unit may provide essential services during times of emergencies and inclement weather. This position may be required to fulfill essential services and functions during these times.

Minimum Requirements
• 5 years supervisory experience
• 5 years program management (security, law enforcement, or similar field)
• 5 years experience working in a command or leadership position
• Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) clearance or ability to obtain certification within 60 days of hire

Professional Competencies
• Identify key issues in complex situations, evaluate options and initiate strategies for resolution
• Meet expectations, with an emphasis on quality, quantity and timeliness of work.
• Actively build constructive and effective relationships with colleagues at all levels; advise and collaborate with others to develop a stronger team and enhance workplace spirit; share knowledge and resources and encourage the same of others. Initiate and maintain cooperative relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
• Contribute as a team player in a respectful and professional environment.
• Provide information clearly, accurately, and succinctly for the appropriate target audience.
• Exhibit good listening skills and keep others informed. Exercise integrity and discretion in all matters and protect confidential information.
• Understand the various systems, policies, procedures and regulations that govern and guide the police department. Anticipate and independently provide solutions for complex administrative problems and issues, recommending upgrades, enhancements, priorities and strategic direction based on research, consultation and analysis.
• Perform duties in a way that advances and supports the mission of the department and University.

Preferred Qualifications
• Higher education experience in law enforcement or security
• Bachelor’s degree
• Experience managing security protection programs on a college campus
• Experience developing law enforcement or security systems technology strategy or implementation. Experience working with a Division one athletics program
• Experience working with safety and security at a major research university

The following certifications:
• Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Certificate
• Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment
• Sport Special Event Evacuation and Training and Exercise
• Sport Event Risk Management
• Texas A&M-DHS


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