APPA is in the process of building a manual for

Published 5-7-2000

APPA is in the process of putting together a manual for: "Grounds Staffing and Maintenance Guidelines."

Subject Areas that are have already been chosen to be covered in the manual are:

  • Tasks
  • Levels of maintenance
  • Maintenance frequencies
  • Job and position descriptions
  • Auditing of resources (inventory and condition)
  • Equipment descriptions
  • Regional environmental zone differences
  • Benchmarking
  • Glossary
  • Regulatory agency contact list
  • Index of affiliate organizations

If you wish to help contact:

John Feliciani Curator, Horticulture Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library Winterthur, DE 19735 Phone: 302-888-4865 Fax: 302-888-4960