The Abbey Group Plans Boston Bioscience Campus

Published 10-3-2017

The Abbey Group is planning to construct Exchange South End, a 1.6 million-sf bioscience research campus located on the site of the Boston Flower Exchange. Designed by Stantec, the mixed-use development will provide approximately 841,000 sf of research space and 640,000 of office space. Arranged around a 30,000-sf public park, the four-building project will include:

  • a 20-story, 502,000-sf structure providing 196,000 sf of lab space and 298,000 sf of office space
  • a 15-story, 387,000-sf structure providing 168,000 sf of lab space and 181,000 sf of office space
  • a 14-story, 481,000-sf structure providing 284,000 sf of lab space and 161,000 sf of office space
  • a six-story, 230,000-sf structure providing 193,000 sf of lab space and 20,000 sf of retail space

Construction is expected to begin in fall of 2018 with the two largest buildings reaching completion by 2020. 

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