Los Angeles Community College District Sets BIM Mandate for Massive Construction Program

Published 3-11-2018

Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) has mandated that Building Information Modeling (BIM) be implemented in the final phase of its $9 billion construction program. LACCD, which is the largest community college district in the United States and comprises nine colleges, is also targeting net-zero energy consumption in the sustainable development of its extensive portfolio. ProjectWise by Bentley Systems is being utilized as the common interface for integrating data, standards, and processes throughout the project lifecycle, and acts as a repository for all models, drawings, specifications, and photographs. The collaborative BIM methodology improved real-time information sharing and document version control, reducing rework costs equivalent to a 12 percent labor savings and $12 million in cost savings. Additionally, BIM allowed project teams to use off-peak electricity and photovoltaics to minimize energy consumption, resulting in a 12.2 percent reduction in annual electrical consumption and an overall utility savings of $2.2 million.