Cambrex Develops New Pharmaceutical Production Facilities

Published 6-9-2018

Cambrex Corporation, a leading manufacturer of small molecule innovator and generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), completed an expansion of its pilot plant in High Point in May of 2018. The project included the installation and commissioning of a fourth reactor suite, increasing the site's capacity by approximately 30 percent. The 400-sf suite houses two 2,000-liter glass-lined reactors and a Hastelloy C22 filter dryer, allowing the manufacture of batch sizes between 10 and 100 kilograms under cGMP conditions. A new 11,000-sf analytical laboratory has also been constructed and validated on the High Point campus. In Charles City, Iowa, Cambrex is building a $24 million facility for the manufacture of highly potent APIs (HPAPIs). The project will include a 4,500-sf production area with a total reactor capacity of 2,200 gallons, consisting of a range of 200, 500 and 1,000-gallon glass and Hastelloy vessels for batches from 50 to 300 kilograms. An existing small scale manufacturing area will also be reconfigured, providing a single high-containment building to support early-stage development and production. Operations will commence by mid-2019.