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  • Virginia Commonwealth University Plans STEM Building

    Dateline Richmond, Va.

    Virginia Commonwealth University is planning to build a $121 million facility in Richmond to accommodate programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Located on the Monroe Park Campus, the six-story, 168,000-sf teaching and research facility will provide wet and dry labs for programs in chemistry, biology, physics, psychology and kinesiology.

  • Novo Nordisk Powers Global Production with Renewable Electricity

    Dateline Plainsboro, N.J.

    Novo Nordisk's global production will be entirely powered by renewable energy by early 2020, with a ten-year goal of achieving zero carbon emissions from operations and transportation. The pharmaceutical company has made a $70 million investment in a 105-megawatt-dc solar energy installation to be built in Pender County, North Carolina.

  • Pennsylvania State University Constructs Bellisario Media Center

    Dateline University Park, Pa.

    Pennsylvania State University began construction in April of 2019 on the Donald P. Bellisario Media Center in University Park. Designed by Studios Architecture, the $43.5 million project includes the renovation of four floors in the existing Willard Building, which was originally built in 1949.

  • Baldwin Wallace University Plans Center for Computer Science, Math, Engineering, and Physics

    Dateline Berea, Ohio

    Baldwin Wallace University is planning to construct a $25 million interdisciplinary science building in Berea, Ohio. Part of the school's strategic plan to meet the needs of growing industries for skilled graduates, the two-story, 55,000-sf project will accommodate programs in math, computer science, engineering, and physics.

  • TMC3 Founding Institutions Unveil Master Plan for Life Sciences Research Campus

    Dateline Houston

    The founding institutions of TMC3 have announced a new project team for their planned 37-acre translational research campus in Houston.

  • West Chester University Breaks Ground on Sciences & Engineering Center

    Dateline West Chester, Pa.

    West Chester University broke ground in April of 2019 on the Sciences & Engineering Center in West Chester, Pa. The three-story structure will provide teaching labs, classrooms, offices, and study areas to support programs in biomedical engineering, health sciences, and physics.

  • University of Maryland Opens Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering

    Dateline College Park, Md.

    The University of Maryland opened the $152 million Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering in April of 2019 in College Park.

  • Abaco Systems Constructs Engineering Design Center

    Dateline Huntsville, Ala.

    Abaco Systems is building a 40,000-sf engineering design center in Huntsville, Ala. Located in the Redstone Gateway development, the project will enable space in the company's' existing Memorial Parkway facility to accommodate expanded systems integration, assembly, and testing operations. Completion is expected in September of 2019.

  • Centennial College Opens Downsview Aerospace Campus

    Dateline Toronto

    Centennial College opened the CAD$72 million Downsview Campus Centre for Aerospace and Aviation in April of 2018 in Toronto.

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell Completes Perry Hall Renovation

    Dateline Lowell, Mass.

    The University of Massachusetts Lowell celebrated the reopening of Perry Hall in April of 2019. Providing teaching and research labs, classrooms, collaboration areas, and space for industry partnerships, the $50 million project included the redevelopment of 47,825 sf of interior space and the addition of 5,600 sf on the fourth floor, which now connects to Ball Hall.