Built On Vision Creates Cloud-Based Schedule Calculation Engine

Published 9-7-2018

Built On Vision released a cloud-based construction schedule calculation engine in August of 2018. The project management software utilizes a proprietary smart algorithm that resolves a problem of similar applications related to imprecise time unit measurements. Instead of using only the hour or the day as the calculation base, Built On Vision allows users the ability to shape schedule unit fraction behavior so that event sequences can be accurately understood and planned for, enabling greater project delivery optimization, as well as legal defensibility.

Software features include:

  • Accepting multiple input parameters for precise schedule calculation modeling
  • Substituting data values from other schedules into calculation runs
  • Saving multiple calculation runs per schedule for advanced comparisons and analysis
  • An exclusive duration rounding and handling option for the most accurate results
  • Improved cash flow analysis integrating both planning and forensics
  • Automatic data synchronization for geographically dispersed projects

Built On Vision is based in Los Angeles.