Amgen Breaks Ground on Biomanufacturing Facility

Published 9-3-2019
  • Amgen - West Greenwich Biomanufacturing Facility
  • Amgen - West Greenwich Biomanufacturing Facility

    Courtesy of Amgen.

Amgen broke ground in late July of 2019 on a $200 million biomanufacturing center in West Greenwich, R.I. Featuring a highly flexible, modular design, the next-generation facility will leverage advanced technologies to reduce operational expenses, consume 80 percent less energy and water, and achieve a 75 percent decrease in carbon emissions. Offering over 75,000 sf of laboratory, cleanroom, and support space, the 120,000-sf biologics plant will be delivered in half of the time that it would take to build a conventional structure and at a quarter of the capital cost, while producing the same active gram output in a manufacturing footprint that is 75 percent smaller. The project team includes Jacobs Engineering, Tocci Building Corporation, and Pharmadule. Completion is expected in mid-2020.

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