Songbird Life Science Provides COVID-19 Testing Service for Facilities

Published 7-28-2020

Songbird Life Science has launched a COVID-19 testing and health-protection service for facilities. Promoting public confidence in the occupancy of shared spaces, the company offers rapid onsite testing that provides results in minutes. 

Songbird Life Science was created by consulting engineers RWDI and biotechnology firm Purity-IQ. By combining RWDI's expertise in ventilation, air flows, and pathogen spread with Purity-IQ's in-depth knowledge of genomics, the turnkey service can accurately identify COVID-19 on surfaces and in humans. Methods for detecting airborne COVID-19 are also being developed. In emergency onsite COVID-19 incidents, Songbird supports facilities with immediate testing and containment solutions. For ongoing risk prevention and spread, Songbird consultants create practical, preventative plans customized to the specifics of the space. 

Many facilities have introduced measures such as physical spacing, temperature checks, deep cleaning, and the wearing of personal protective equipment. These are essential steps, but only DNA-based testing can accurately detect viruses even in asymptomatic carriers. Songbird complements existing measures by adding scientifically validated PCR technology to detect the presence of COVID-19, while its building and ventilation experts offer layout solutions and air-quality monitoring. Training enables Songbird partners to confidently deploy, analyze, and effectively communicate results.

For more information, visit Songbird Life Science.

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