StayProtected Environmental Solutions Program Prevents Airborne Virus Transmission

Published 9-3-2020

JAC Construction and its sister company Level 3 Design Group are partnering with Industrial Commercial Systems and Ultraviolet Devices (UVDI) to bring an advanced UV-C air disinfection solution to commercial and hospitality markets. The program, StayProtected, is a comprehensive approach that combines leading technology with holistic methods to help prevent the airborne transmission of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Meeting the infection control guidelines of ASHRAE and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UVDI's UV-C air disinfection technologies have been shown to inactivate 99 percent of coronavirus in independent laboratory testing against harder-to-kill bacterial and viral surrogates. A proprietary software system incorporates exact air system properties to output the custom lamp configuration and intensity needed to inactivate coronavirus. JAC and Level 3 will be deploying UVDI's UV-C Air Disinfection portfolio in leading commercial and hospitality environments as part of the program’s certification process.