Industry News Archive

2000 - November

Associated Press Renovates Broadcast News Center November 2
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Builds Midtown Headquarters November 2
DaimlerChrysler Designs Auburn Hills Headquarters November 1

2000 - October

Nissei Sangyo and Hitachi Team Up In Pleasanton Facility October 31
Sigma-Aldrich Breaks Ground on Life Science Technology Center October 29
AOL Expands in Northern Virginia October 26
Veterans Administration Builds Medical and Research Complex in Durham October 26
Penn State University Park's New Wayfinding System October 25
Vanderbilt Project Unites Engineering Disciplines October 25
MIT Breaks Ground on Sports and Fitness Center October 23
CSU Hayward Plans Business and Technology Center October 19
Alpha Therapeutics Designs Lab Expansion October 19
TJU Delays Cancer Center Construction October 12
St. Mary's College Dedicates New Science Center October 8
University of Texas Plans New Regional Health Center October 8
Loras College Plans New Academic Resource Center October 8
Boston University Expands Student Housing October 8
Fish & Wildlife Service Expands Lab in Ashland October 8
Merial Expands Operations in Georgia October 8
Siebel Systems Expands in San Mateo October 8
Intuit Expands in San Diego October 8
PG&E Builds New Headquarters in Rockville October 8
Star Media Network Builds New Headquarters October 5
Infomart Builds Telecom Hotel October 5
Nortel Networks Builds in Silicon Valley October 5
New Telecom Facility for Oakland October 5
Charles Schwab Builds New Data Center October 5
NetReach Plans High-Tech Hub October 5
Iowa State University Designs Residence Facilities October 5
Nokia Redesigns San Diego Facility October 4

2000 - September

SAP AG Expands Newton Square Campus September 30
Johns Hopkins Dedicates Academic/Research Facility September 20
Kutztown University Plans New Science Center September 20
UC Berkeley Plans New Science Research Building September 20
University of Maryland Plans Renovation September 20
Praecis Pharmaceuticals Will Relocate to Waltham September 20
USDA Consolidates Operations in Raleigh September 20
Applied Biosystems Plans Pleasanton Campus September 20
Human Genome Sciences Plans North Potomac HQ September 20
Los Alamos Nat'l Lab Awards Five-Year Contract September 19
New England Biolabs Builds in Ipswich September 19
NIH Builds Three New Facilities September 19
Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Plans New Tech Center September 19
Reinhold Industries Plans New Santa Fe Springs HQ September 19
Carson Companies Builds in Rancho Dominguez September 19
Palm Plans New Corporate HQ in North San Jose September 19
Media Arts Plans New Morgan Hill Campus September 19
New HQ for Applied Computer Solutions September 19
TTC Plans Campus in Germantown September 19
IDA Consolidates Operations in Alexandria September 19