TreanorHL Science & Technology

TreanorHL Science and Technology focuses on projects related to scientific discovery and education. Recent projects include facilities for engineering and pharmacy education and research, spaces for biomedical and veterinary medicine research, active learning environments for science education, vivaria and core facilities. From the renovation of aging laboratories to new research and learning centers, the spaces where scientists work and students learn are driven by mission, systems and equipment. Combining architecture, engineering and laboratory planning capabilities with innovative and collaborative thinking, TreanorHL Science & Technology plans and designs facilities that keep pace with the changing technologies and requirements in science education and research, and help scientists work smarter and students learn better. To ensure that we understand how the mission, systems and equipment affect each space, our design process requires significant and continuous input from all project stakeholders and users.

TreanorHL employs 149 professional staff in eight offices across the US: Atlanta, Georgia; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Dallas, Texas, Denver, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri; Lawrence, Kansas, San Francisco, California; and Topeka, Kansas. 

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Tim Reynolds, PE
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1040 Vermont, Lawrence, KS, 66044, United States
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Dallas, TX