Speaker Profile: Paul Fuson

Paul Fuson
Sr National Sales Mgr, Life Science

Mr. Fuson manages sales focused on Life Science and Laboratory markets across North America and supports Siemens and business development efforts in this market globally.  Paul has 36 years in building controls industry and 31 years of experience developing and delivering safe and cost-effective control solutions for critical environments in the Life Science market.  He has lead or supported teams that developed Siemens GOLO Intelligent Air Valve, venturi air valves, lab-grade single blade terminals, pressurized room and fume hood controls, environmental monitoring, Demand Control Ventilation and other parts of Siemens Green Lab and Smart Laboratory Solutions.  Paul is a member of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories and Sustainable Labs Canada and a speaker/contributor to ASHRAE, ASHE and NFPA.  Paul has a Masters of Management from Northwestern University, a BS Physics and BS Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and many continuing education credits from the School of Hard Knocks.

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