Speaker Profile: Carolyn Cirillo

Carolyn Cirillo
Applied Insights + Knowledge, Workplace Experience

As a researcher and strategist, Carolyn studies macro trends, the future of work and the impact of inspiring workplaces on the user experience and organizational outcomes. She shares her research insights with the design and workplace community, speaking often on Generation Z’s impact on the workplace and the human-centric post-pandemic Thriving Workplace. She has written extensively on the future of work and flexible workplaces for WorkDesign magazine, Business of Furniture, Workplaces and Allwork.Space where she is a contributing writer. Prior to MillerKnoll, she worked as an independent researcher, strategist and content creator for brands in the built environment, as well as a product manager at Maharam. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and resides in Brooklyn, NY where she is raising two Gen Z kids.