Speaker Profile: Julie Kelly-Smith, LEED-AP, RID

Julie Kelly-Smith, LEED-AP, RID
Corporate Space Manager

Julie Kelly-Smith joined Sandia National Labs in November 2018 as a Strategic Space Planner and now is the Corporate Space Manager overseeing space stewardship for the labs.
• She started in space management shortly after the organization adopted the corporate space stewardship model (vs. division owned space) and has navigated space changes, she has encountered many changes including how the pandemic is changing our work styles.
• She supported several mission groups for the labs that had very different space needs, including projects to occupy off site lease facilities, and the cascading impacts of those moves to ensure people are in the right security types or lab area to do their work.
• Using her masters in change leadership Julie has been active as a change champion as the labs adopted hybrid work, curating the script to how we reorganize the campus from a space perspective.
• Prior to joining Sandia, Julie worked in the private sector in the interiors architecture and workspace strategy role for the 12 years.
• She started her career in Chicago at a small architecture firm where she specialized in BOMA and building occupancy strategies.
• Julie has a BA in Economics (UNM), BA in Interior Architecture & Design (Harrington), and an MA in Organizational Change Leadership (Gonzaga).
• Julie’s pastimes include time with her husband, daughter, and son in the outdoors, particularly camping and skiing. She is a devoted yogi and yoga teacher and a novice tennis player.