Speaker Profile: Lorraine Mercier, OAQ

Lorraine Mercier, OAQ
Director Project Office - New Models of Work

An almost 20-year McGill veteran, Mercier is no stranger to the University workplace. She joined McGill as a Senior Project Manager in 2001, where she managed several capital construction and renovation projects. Since 2004, Mercier has served as Director of Design Services in Facilities Management and Ancillary Services, overseeing the development and application of design and construction standards for all types of physical spaces. Mercier has a passion for bringing diverse people together with design solutions that maximize collaboration, engagement, learning and innovation. Her holistic approach includes how physical spaces can positively impact people, processes and team performance.
A member of the Ordre des architectes du Québec, Mercier has led the modernization of classrooms and teaching labs, upgrades to increase universal access, and the development of new design standards for research. During the past year, her team was responsible for setting up safe teaching and study hubs as part of the University’s COVID-19 response. Building on her extensive knowledge of the McGill community, Mercier put her valuable talents and knowledge to work in service of our safe and innovative workplaces of the future as Director of the New Model of Work - Project Office.