Speaker Profile: William H. Bullock, PhD, MBA

Discovery Strategy & Operations Lead

Bill is currently a member of the Research & Development Strategy & Operations team as Lead – Discovery Business Operations. 


In 1992, Bill began his career as medicinal chemist with Bayer Pharmaceutical.  During his 15 year career with Bayer, Bill lived & worked in both West Haven, CT and Wuppertal Germany contributing to and leading a variety of successful research programs.  By 2002, Bill had risen to the position of Director, with responsibility for driving Bayer’s diabetes drug discovery portfolio.  In 2007, Bill joined BMS as a member of the Discovery Business Operations team.    Notable innovations which Bill provided key leadership include a novel and highly successful in-source model for drug candidate purification; stewardship of the company’s first branded open office deployment; transformation of the laboratory design paradigm to general & flexible spaces; and leveraging electronic notebooks for increase safety awareness.  With all transformations, detailed change management programs were developed & executed to ensure each initiative yields its maximal impact.  Individual projects have delivered up to $ 5 million in annual savings and been recognized both internally and externally.  This recognition included the 2012 Bio IT World Judges Prize, a feature in the company’s annual report on Selective Integration, and a provision appointment to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine.   


Bill completed his PhD at Emory University with Professor Albert Padwa and subsequently transitioned to conduct a post-doctoral fellowship with National Academy of Science member Professor Larry Overman at the University of California Irvine.  Much more recently, Bill completed an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business, with a concentration on Strategy and Corporate Finance. 

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