Speaker Profile: Steve Tushup

Executive Director, Discovery Operations

Steve Tushup graduated from Penn State and started his career in California focusing on combinatory chemistry methodology to deliver compound libraries for general screening.  He joined Merck in 2002 as a Sourcing Operations manager responsible for externalizing scientific activities in basic research and pre-clinical development.  Since then, Steve has held roles in Finance as well as multiple Operational roles in MRL.  Since 2015, Steve has been the director of Laboratory Operations responsible for Merck’s research laboratory maintenance, repair, and purchasing.  He is also the operations lead for the newly opened MRL South San Francisco site and was responsible for implementing the design established for the site.  For most of 2018, Steve led a team responsible for defining all scientific and non-scientific workflows and figuring out how Merck would occupy the new building.  In 2019 his job was to operationalize all of the workflows and to get everyone (and everything) moved into the new facility.  

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