Chiron Life Sciences Center

Chiron Corporation
Published 2-1-2007
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Chiron Corporation, a biotechnology company, as recently made the commitment to redevelop its 2.2 million-sf campus. The concept is based on the corporation's response to its urban context, and is inspired by the plan of traditional Mexican cloisters. A series of atria, patios, plazas and open spaces are organized around working spaces. The spaces, each one unique, interconnect with one another, creating a large multi-level campus of research "villages" that support communication and collaboration among employees.

Phase I of the 30-year development plan began in 1999, and includes a 260,000-sf lab building and central utility plant. The laboratory incorporates a philosophy of business group integration. The first level of high-bay space includes building mechanicals, specialized lab space and offices, allowing business groups to support the efforts of researchers. The next three levels include labs designed to maximize exterior light, as well as flexibility to adapt to the diverse needs of business groups. These labs are located around interior courtyards and atria to facilitate interaction, demonstrating the owner's commitment to the social aspects of science as well as the technical.

Laboratory types include microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, bio-organic/biophysics, robotics and support, including tissue culture, nuclear magnetic resonance, and isotope. The BSL-3 suite is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of types and uses of BSL-3 level pathogens and is designed for both bacterial and viral work.

Chiron’s Life Sciences building received R&D Magazine’s Lab of the Year award in 1999.

Project Data
Project Type: 
New Construction
Completion Date: 
August, 2000
Emeryville, CA
Delivery Method: 
Fast Track
Project GSF: 
Construction Cost: 
Cost per SqFt: 
Building Descriptors: 
Interdisciplinary Research
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Rudolph and Sletten Inc.
Laboratory Planner