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  • How Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC) Systems Can Impact Research Outcomes and Repeatability

    Researchers Emphasize Need for Detailing Different IVC Systems in Scientific Manuscripts

    Published 12-1-2021

    Individually ventilated cage (IVC) systems are the standard for housing laboratory rodents, and, while research publications commonly refer to the use of IVCs in rodent-based studies, there are considerable differences in their mechanical design and operation that make a generalized, catch-all term problematic. This ambiguity has significant implications in certain research fields for ensuring consistency and the need to reproduce findings. As a result, a growing number of researchers are proposing inclusion of key details in the materials and methods section of published manuscripts to clarify the wide array of available IVC technologies, operating configurations, and performance variables.

  • Unum Transitions to Universal Systematic Floor Plan with No Private Offices

    Sweeping Transformation Offers Flexibility, Supports Remote Work, Frees Up Real Estate

    Published 11-10-2021

    An aggressive workplace transformation to an open floorplate with no private offices, implemented across 1 million-plus sf in three locations, allowed Unum Group to consolidate about 40 percent of its worldwide real estate portfolio, turning the vacated space into $53 million in sub-leasing revenue over the next 10 years. Despite the consolidation, the refurbished office buildings are equipped with a raft of appealing amenities, from coffee bars, micromarkets, and cafeterias to fitness centers, quiet rooms, and gaming areas.

  • Welch Hall Renovation

    University of Texas at Austin

    Published 10-27-2021

    The newly renovated Robert A. Welch Hall lays the groundwork to transform the way science is taught and done at the University of Texas, Austin, to move from siloed departments to transdisciplinary research that focuses on emerging fields that occur at the interfaces of traditional core science departments. While the sciences had been almost entirely housed in separate single-department buildings, the College of Natural Science’s master plan calls for more program-based facilities. The renovation infuses the building with light and increases its research capacity by 30 percent.

  • University of Denver Community Commons

    University of Denver

    Published 10-13-2021

    The new Community Commons at the University of Denver (DU), one of three major new buildings that opened at the school’s campus this fall, serves as the centerpiece of a student-oriented campus neighborhood that also includes a new residence hall and career center. The Commons is designed to provide students the knowledge, resources, and relationships they need to navigate their college experience, with gathering spaces, support services, and centralized dining options. It was designed in direct response to the goals established in the university’s strategic plan to center, elevate, and enrich the student experience.

  • New Science Facility to House Boston College’s Human Centered Engineering Program

    Interdisciplinary Building Supports a Liberal Arts Approach to STEM

    Published 9-29-2021

    Boston College (BC) is putting the finishing touches on its new 157,000-sf Integrated Science Building, which will house the college’s new Human Centered Engineering program, as well as the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society, the Computer Science Department, and the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship. Together, they will advance the college’s mission to pursue the sciences through a liberal arts lens, focusing on solving complex societal problems in energy, environment, and health. The facility, which will house 22 faculty, represents the largest single investment in the sciences in BC’s history.