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Tradeline's industry reports are a must-read resource for those involved in facilities planning and management. Reports include management case studies, current and in-depth project profiles, and editorials on the latest facilities management issues.

  • LAB2050: Imagining the Lab of the Half Century

    Researchers Envision Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Advanced Technology, Unexpected Partnerships

    Imagine a baby born today. She’s smart and science-minded. Through good luck and hard work, she earns her doctorate early, and by age 31, she is solidly embarked on a research career. What does her lab look like? That’s what two SmithGroup...

  • New $96 Million STEM Complex at The College of New Jersey Inspires Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Innovation

    Project Adds Space, Functionality, Advanced Technology, and Flexibility

    The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is fostering the seamless integration of instruction and research by blurring the boundaries between disciplines and spaces in its new STEM Complex. The open, transparent approach puts science and engineering on...

  • The Future of Xenotransplantation—Thinking Outside the Walls

    Adding Modular Construction to Renovation Plans Creates Flexibility, Room for Growth

    With demand for human donor organs historically and increasingly outpacing the available, viable supply, researchers and physicians have looked for decades at xenotransplantation—cross-species transplantation—as a possible vehicle to overcome the...

  • Facility Design as an Enterprise-Level Solution

    Understanding the Link Between Culture and Organizational Strategies

    Asking a company to define its culture often results in an ambiguous response, but answering that question is key to addressing business concerns with the most effective workplace and organizational design solutions. Organizational strategies...

  • First Engineering-Based Medical School Integrates Disciplines with an Eye to the Future

    Simulation, Collaboration Emphasized at Carle Illinois Medical School

    A two-year, $55 million renovation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Everitt Laboratory has transformed the four-story, 136,763-sf building into the first engineering-based medical school in the country, with a focus on medical...