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Tradeline's industry reports are a must-read resource for those involved in facilities planning and management. Reports include management case studies, current and in-depth project profiles, and editorials on the latest facilities management issues.

  • San Diego State University Advances STEM Program with Collaborative Engineering Facility

    Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex Expands Capabilities at SDSU

    The new Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences (EIS) complex at San Diego State University (SDSU) was developed to create a modern hub of STEM-focused lab facilities that will enhance the university’s reputation as a leading research...

  • Applying Passive House Design Principles to Labs and Hospitals

    The Standard Represents Significant Opportunities and Challenges for Lab Buildings

    The Passive House building standard is considered the most rigorous, voluntary energy-based design and construction standard in the industry. Consuming 40 to 90 percent less energy than conventional buildings for heating and cooling, Passive...

  • Nova Southeastern University Supports Students’ Changing Needs with Continual Expansion and Innovative Design Strategies

    Construction and Renovation Projects Under Way at Main Campus and Satellite Locations

    Educating healthcare professionals in a manner that crosses disciplines and fosters teamwork for the advancement of public health is more than a mission statement for Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Florida. It is an inherent objective in...

  • Rodent Facilities of the Future: Larger or Smaller?

    Evolving Technology, Advancing Animal Models Will Drive Facility Design Considerations

    Exponential growth in the use and development of genetically engineered rodent models during the last several decades has resulted in researchers at many institutions requiring ever-increasing amounts of vivarium space. However, new technologies...

  • Texas A&M Facility Doubles Engineering Capacity for Ambitious Enrollment Plan

    Anticipates Enrolling 25,000 Students by 2025

    Texas A&M University is addressing the rising demand for engineers by transforming a traditional 46-year-old academic building into a state-of-the-art facility, where technology is not just an aid, but a driver. The Zachry Engineering...