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Tradeline's industry reports are a must-read resource for those involved in facilities planning and management. Reports include management case studies, current and in-depth project profiles, and editorials on the latest facilities management issues.

  • Designing a University Space for Collaboration—Then Making It Happen

    The University of Idaho’s IRIC Emphasizes Open, Inviting Design; Application Process Ensures Diverse Teams Share Interactive Environment

    Universities across the country are looking to assemble students and faculty from different research interests in spaces that promote cross-disciplinary collaboration. Successful designs call for exteriors that beckon the entire campus community...

  • Academic Workplace Evolution: How Universities Are Rethinking Spaces for Faculty and Staff

    Workplace Innovation is Not a “Space Problem”

    Colleges and universities are rethinking their workplaces to align their space with how people work today and to use space to achieve their strategic goals. Beyond macro forces reshaping higher education in terms of access, accountability, and...

  • Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy


    The new addition to the existing Pharmacy Building creates an exciting and energetic new identity for the School of Pharmacy on the Rutgers University Brunswick campus, as well as a new front door located on a main campus pathway.

  • Using Data-Driven Design to Produce Research-Supported, Customized Client Solutions

    Data Collection, Research, Analysis, and Simulation Facilitate Informed Decision-Making

    Clients look to architects to help them make decisions regarding the built environment that can greatly impact the future of their institutions and their employees. Doing that successfully depends on the quality of information used to make those...

  • Health Professions Academic Building


    As a new paradigm for healthcare leadership training in the Coastal Georgia region, the Health Professions Academic Building at Waters College of Health Professions will serve Georgia Southern University’s mission to drive economic and regional...