Research Facilities 2017 - Overview

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A major research workspace paradigm shift is underway. 

The success of your upcoming capital project initiatives for research facilities and labs will depend on your group making the right decisions about these major planning issues --

  1. Open, shared work environments
  2. Space allocation and utilization metrics   
  3. Wet-damp-dry lab types
  4. Offices and office plans
  5. Support space
  6. Shared resources
  7. Core research facilities
  8. Flexibility
  9. Collaboration and entrepreneurship
  10. Advanced mechanical systems and controls

Attend this conference to meet with and hear expert testimony from peer research organizations and planning experts on how the latest facility initiatives for upgrades, modernization, and new construction are responding to new directions for work environments, space, systems, and costs -- namely:

  • Lab renovations are on the rise; outdated labs won’t attract researchers nor are they truly collaborative.
  • Legacy space allocation metrics are being revised or discarded; new space types are emerging.
  • Lab planning priorities have shifted from bench space toward shared core research resources.
  • Assigned space is decreasing.
  • Shared equipment cores are reducing redundancy and cost, improving recruitment, and improving space utilization.
  • There is a major move toward open offices for research leadership and staff.
  • Demand for “wet” space (as a percentage of the whole) is decreasing; and there is a trend toward smaller modules.
  • The need for support space is increasing.
  • Most research facility portfolios are greatly underperforming – wrong type/outdated/underutilized.
  • New planning models reflect the idea that research space must inspire entrepreneurship and collaboration.
  • The demand for computational/informatics space is increasing dramatically.

Make this a key planning event for your project team (capital project people, lab planners, facility planners, facility engineers, consulting architects and engineers, operations managers, and research group leaders) to get everyone on the same planning page with respect to the details, numbers, processes, and expectations. Consulting architects and engineers must register with their clients.

PLUS! This special pre-conference primer course on April 26th!
The Fundamentals of Planning and Design of Research Labs and MEP Systems

PLUS! Tour these outstanding local area research facilities:
Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute at UCSD
J. Craig Venter Institute La Jolla
Salk Institute
Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine

If you would like to participate as a sponsor, or would like updates as they become available please email [email protected] or call (925) 254-1744 x 119.

Who should attend?
This is the annual meeting for research facility owners from government, academic, and private sector organizations who have responsibility for planning, design, construction, operation and compliance of research facilities. This includes capital project teams, project managers, lab planners, architects, facility engineers, capital planners, facility managers, space managers, research program directors, and research compliance officers. Conference registration is open to those employed at research based organizations and their invited project teams. Consulting architects and engineers must register with their client project team. Pre-conference training is open regardless of affiliation. All paid attendees of the pre-conference training may register for full conference regardless of affiliation.