Speaker Center

We look forward to having you participate as a speaker. From this page you may:

  1. Submit your speaker arrangements (hotel reservation requirements, Speakers' Orientation Briefing RSVP, and speaker profile)
  2. Upload your presentation files for distribution to the audience
  3. Download the conference PowerPoint template and Tradeline's Guide to Better Presentations
  4. Learn how to promote your session through social media.

Speaker Center Resources

Conference Deadlines and Event Dates

Friday, Sep 18: Hotel Reservation Deadline
Monday, Sep 28: Conference Presentation Upload Deadline
Sunday, October 11, 2020 - 5:45pm: Speakers' Orientation Dinner
Monday, Oct 12 - 8:30am: Conference Begins
Tuesday, Oct 13 - 3:40pm: Conference Concludes

Presentation Format

Below you will find the conference PowerPoint template. You are still free to use your own slide format, but for readability, speed of delivery, and greatest impact with your audience we strongly encourage you to follow the formatting guidelines below:

  1. Wide-screen format
  2. High-contrast, bold color schemes
  3. Font size 28pt minimum
  4. Allocate no more than three minutes for institutional and project history and site-specific background information – get to the “what we did, why, the big ideas, outcomes, and lessons learned” fast.
  5. End your session with “The Tradeline Three” – three words or phrases that will make the content of your report memorable and discus-able.
  6. To be compliant with the AIA guidelines for continuing education credit your presentation slides should include your company name and logo on the 1st and last slides only. The session must be unbiased, not promoting or marketing your company's products or services. Products and services may be discussed prior to or once the credit portion of the session is complete. Similarly, no marketing hand-outs may be given until your session is over.

To make your presentation available to the audience before the conference, upload it on or before the date below.

Presentation Upload Deadline: Monday, Sep 28
Conference Powerpoint Template:


Download353.13 KB1/27/2020

Promote Your Session... and the Conference

Here are some steps you can take to help promote your presence at the conference.

  1. Add the "Featured Speaker At..." banner to your email signature, and link it to: https://www.tradelineinc.com/research2020

  2. Tweet a message and link to the conference website. You can do this from your account on Twitter, or you can tweet the link directly from the conference landing page (https://www.tradelineinc.com/research2020) by clicking on the Twitter icon at the top of the page. Our twitter handle is @TradelineInc.
  3. Share a link to the conference website (https://www.tradelineinc.com/research2020) with your personal connections and your company's followers on LinkedIn. You can do this directly from your account on LinkedIn, or you can click on the LinkedIn icon at the top of the conference page to share it as an update to your connections and/or a LinkedIn group you belong to (you can do both at once).
  4. Circulate information about the conference to your professional network and clients via email or listserv.