Rapid solutions for burgeoning life science space demands

Russell M. Chernoff, Architect AIBC, MAAA
Founding Partner

There's a space rush going on: funding for life science is blossoming and research organizations need space immediately, and sizable amounts of it. Complicating the problem, pandemic-created space inventory is primarily in the form of office space with floor-to-floor heights and MEP systems incompatible with modern research missions. Russ Chernoff examines practical ways of getting science space quickly in today’s market, including large-scale mid-project design shifts, adaptive renovations, fast-track developer-built science facilities, penthouse and sub-basement additions, core relocations, and more. He sets out pros and cons for each solution, and critical details for success.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 9:15am-10:10am