Occupancy data shapes the new workspace: Leveraging location-based social media for space efficiency and productivity

Melissa Marsh, AIA
Founder & Executive Director

Real-time occupancy data and user feedback is a game changer for organizations looking to identify workspace utilization patterns, improve efficiency and flexibility, and lower occupancy cost -- and the enabling technology has finally arrived. Melissa Marsh illustrates how cutting-edge organizations, operators, and occupiers are tapping location-based social media data and connecting it to the built environment by partnering with CAFM providers, personalizing off-the-shelf solutions, and developing customized social platforms for facilities services. She reports on user experience testing in pilot environments; peer-to-peer best practice sharing; tools for decision-making during times of change; and the resulting workplace design decisions. 

Friday, May 6, 2016 - 8:05am-9:00am
Continuing Education
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