Past Participants

The following have attended previous Tradeline conferences on this topic:

4WARDS(Chief Catalyst Officer)
AbbVie(Facility Planner)
AbbVie(Facility Planning & Design)
ACT, Inc.(Senior Program Manager)
AFG Group, Inc.(Client Strategies)
AFG Group, Inc.(President)
Alkermes, Inc.(Director, Facilities)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals(Sr Director, Global Facilities & Real Estate)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals(Sr Mgr of Space and Workplace Mgmt)
Amgen, Inc.(Director, Strategic Planning)
Ayers Saint Gross(Associate, Space Analyst)
Ballinger(Interior Designer)
Baylor University(BRIC Facility Director)
Bentley University(Space Planning Coordinator)
Bethel University(Project & Space Manager)
bluebird bio(Office Manager)
bluebird bio(Sr Dir, Facilities)
Blueprint Medicines(Dir, Facilities Management)
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System(Division Administrator)
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System(Senior Division Administrator)
Boise State University(Space Analyst)
Boise State University(Space Planning Analyst)
Brigham & Women's Hospital(Space Analyst)
Brigham & Women's Hospital(Sr Space Analyst)
brightspot strategy(Director)
brightspot strategy(Founder)
Bristol-Myers Squibb(Group Dir, Research Business Operations)
Brock University(Assoc Dir, Space Mgmt & Planning)
California State University, Los Angeles(Space Resource Manager)
California State University, Sacramento(Director of Space Management)
Carnegie Mellon University(Senior Space Planner)
CBRE(Sr Dir of Occupancy Services)
CFI(Data Analytics Manager)
CFI(Managing Dir, Strategic Consulting)
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia(Sr VP, Facilities , Real Estate, Cap Prgm)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital(Space & Occupancy Planner)
Citi Realty Services(Director, BP&A Sr. Group Manager)
Citi Realty Services(SVP, Global RE Design & Plng Mgr)
Computerized Facility Integration(Business Analyst)
Computerized Facility Integration(Strategic Account Executive)
Computerized Facility Integration(Vice President)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute(Manager of Space Planning)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute(Sr Dir Planning, Design & Construction)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute(Staff Architect)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute(VP Facilities Management & Real Estate)
Discover Financial Services(Project Manager, Occupancy Planning)
Eastman Chemical Co(Project Manager)
Edgewell Personal Care(Global Real Estate Manager)
Eli Lilly & Company(Facilities Planner)
EMD Serono R&D Institute(Facilities Project Manager)
Emory University(Assoc Dir of Space Planning and Facils)
Emory University(Assoc VP, Plng Design & Construction)
Emory University(Dir, Academic Space Planning)
EYP Architecture & Engineering(Vice President, Design & Expertise)
EYP Architecture & Engineering(Workplace Strategy Specialist)
Facebook(Workplace Planning Manager)
Fentress, Inc.(President)
Fentress, Inc.(Workplace Change Consultant)
First National Bank of Omaha(Senior Vice President)
First National Bank of Omaha(Sr Dir, Facility Planning & Projects)
Flad Architects(Director of Interiors)
Flad Architects(Director of Project Development)
Flad Architects(Principal, Architectural Designer)
Flad Architects(Project Architect)
Florida State University(Sr Assoc VP for Facilities)
FM: Systems(Director of Marketing)
FM: Systems(West Coast Regional Sales Manager)
Fordham University(Vice President)
Francis Cauffman(Dir of Interior Design Services)
Francis Cauffman(Principal)
Genentech(Assoc Dir, Research Operations)
Genentech(Dir - Environment, Health, & Safety)
Genentech(Head, N'hood Work Environ Strategies & Stds)
Genentech(NWE Program Manager)
Genentech(Planning Manager)
Genentech(Project Manager, Research Operations)
General Dynamics Mission Systems(Facilities Supervisor)
General Dynamics Mission Systems(Operations Manager)
George Mason University(Director of Campus Planning)
Georgia Gwinnett College(VP of Business & Finance/CFO)
Georgia State University(Program Facilities Director)
GSK(Business Lead, GSK R&D Global Facil Strategy)
H. Lundbeck A/S(Lead Project Mgr, Global Site Mgr)
Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas+Company(Architect, Project Manager)
Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas+Company(Principal)
Harvard Medical School(Planner)
Harvard School of Public Health(Asst Prof of Exposure Assess Science)
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health(Co-Dir, SHINE Instructor)
HKS Architects, Inc.(Vice President/Science + Technology)
HOK(Sr VP & Dir, Strategic Accounts)
Idaho National Lab/Battelle Energy Alliance(Program Manager)
Idaho National Laboratory(Program Mgr, INL Land & Space Mgmt)
Idaho National Laboratory(Project Mgr, INL Land & Space Planning)
Independence Blue Cross(Senior Facilities Planner)
Intel Corporation(Corporate Vice President)
International Monetary Fund(Project Accountant)
International Monetary Fund(Space Management Chief)
iOffice, Inc.(EVP & Co-founder)
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.(Sr Facilities Engineer)
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.(Sr Facilities Manager)
JLL(Sr VP, Occupancy Planning Region Lead)
Johns Hopkins University(Closed Facility Administrator)
Johns Hopkins University(Department Coordinator)
Johns Hopkins University(Laboratory Space Allocations Manager)
Johns Hopkins University(Operations Executive)
Johns Hopkins University(Project Manager)
Johns Hopkins University(Space Allocations Specialist)
Johnson & Johnson(Dir of Workplace Experience)
Johnson County Community College(Exec Dir Audit & Advisory Services)
Johnson County Community College(Space Planning/Interior Services)
Kansas State University(Director Space Management)
La Guardia Community College(Dir, Campus Facilities)
Laval University(Architect)
Lawrence Livermore National Lab(Space Planner)
LitePoint/Teradyne(Dir of Security & Facilities)
Lockheed Martin(Strategic Space Planner)
Lone Star College(Project Director)
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital(Sr Project Manager, Space Planning)
Luxottica(Sr Director, Bldg Design & Services)
M&T Bank(Group VP/Mgr - Corp Real Estate/Space Plng)
M&T Bank(VP, Occup Plng Mgr - Corp Real Estate/Space Plng)
Massachusetts General Hospital Rsrch Inst(Senior Space Analyst)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Director of Facilities)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Facilities Manager)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Senior Campus Planner)
McCarthy Building Companies(Consultant)
Microsoft(Sr Planning & Account Manager)
Momenta Pharmaceuticals(Site Services)
Monsanto Co(Dir, Facility Strategies & Global Real Estate)
National Instruments Corporation(Facilities Manager)
Nationwide Children's Hospital(VP, Research Operations)
New York Presbyterian Hospital(Director of Facilities Systems)
NIH/NIAID(Director, Office of Workplace Solutions)
Nike(Occupancy Planning Manager)
Nike(Workplace Design Director)
North American Science Associates(Facilities Manager)
North Carolina State University(Facilities Planner)
Northwestern University(Senior Facilities Planner)
Novo Nordisk Inc.(Assoc Director - Facilities)
Novo Nordisk Inc.(Director Facilities)
Optimaze, Inc.(Product Manager)
Optimaze, Inc.(Sales Director)
Oregon Health & Science University(Vice President)
Oregon State University(Management Analyst 2)
Oregon State University(Manager, Capital Programming)
Palo Alto University(Faculty Chair)
Partners Health Care(Senior Space Analyst)
Paulien & Associates, Inc.(Senior Associate)
Penn State Hershey Medical Center(Assoc Dir Facilities, Plng & Construction)
Pratt & Whitney Canada(Facilities Engineering & Services Director)
Property Services Group CC  (PSG) &(Chief Operating Officer)
Purdue University(Sr Dir of Asset Management)
Qatar Science & Technology Park(Development Manager)
RAND Corporation(Director, Facilities & Real Estate)
RAND Corporation(Director, RAND Washington Office)
RAND Corporation(Exec Director, Operations)
Research Facilities Design(Principal/Vice President)
Rice University(Executive Director for Space Management)
Rochester Institute of Technology(Dir of Financial & Administrative Operations)
Rochester Institute of Technology(Project Architect & Space Mgmt Coordinator)
Ryerson University(Dir, Programming & Operational Readiness)
San Jose State University(Assoc Director of Planning)
Sandia National Laboratories(Mgr, Space & Asset Management)
Sandia National Laboratories(Space Coordinator)
Sandia National Laboratories(Strategic Space Planner)
Sasaki Associates(Principal)
Sasaki Associates(Senior Associate, Architect)
Scott Blackwell Page Architects(Academic Programming Consultant)
Simon Fraser University(Records & Space Inventory Mgmt)
SMRT Architects & Engineers(Director of Interior Design)
Southwest Research Institute(VP, Facilities & Services)
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital(Project Manager)
Stantec(Vice President)
Stantec(VP, Science & Technology Lead)
Stony Brook University School of Medicine(Assoc Dean, Scientific Ops & Rsrch Facils)
Teradyne Corporation(Corporate Architect/Corporate Relations)
Teradyne Inc.(Real Estate Director)
Texas A&M University(Assoc Dean for IT & Facilities)
Texas Children's Hospital(Facilities Information Program Mgr)
Texas Children's Hospital(Facilities Planner)
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia(Dir, Research Resources)
The George Washington University(Executive Director)
The Hospital for Sick Children(Director, Facilities Planning)
The Jackson Laboratory(Facilities Engineer II)
The Ohio State University(Sr VP, Administration & Planning)
The Rockefeller Foundation(Facilities Manager)
ThedaCare(VP, Facilities Planning)
Trimble(Product Manager)
Trimble(Sales Engineer)
Trimble(Sales Representative)
Tufts University(Senior Project Manager)
U.S. Department of Agriculture(Branch Chief)
Uniformed Services University(VP for Special Programs)
Univ College Dublin(Building Planning Manager)
Univ College Dublin(Room Allocations Team)
Univ Health Network(Dir of Planning & Redevelopment)
Univ Health Network(Executive Director, Infrastructure)
Univ Health Network(Senior Director)
Univ of Alabama, Birmingham(Facilities Director)
Univ of Alberta(FOMD Dir of Facility Planning & Projects)
Univ of Alberta(Planner)
Univ of Calgary(Space Program Coordinator)
Univ of California(Assoc Vice President)
Univ of California, Berkeley(Facility/Operations Manager)
Univ of California, Davis(Space Analyst)
Univ of California, Riverside(Space Manager)
Univ of California, San Diego(Director, Campus Capital Program)
Univ of California, San Francisco School of Med(Mgr, Change Mgmt & Facilities)
Univ of Central Florida(Assoc Dir and Project Manager)
Univ of Central Florida(Asst Dir, Space Planning Analysis & Admin)
Univ of Central Florida(Asst Director of Planning)
Univ of Colorado, Boulder(CAD/GIS Space Administrator)
Univ of Colorado, Boulder(Dir of Construction & Space)
Univ of Colorado, Boulder(Director of Planning)
Univ of Colorado, Boulder(V Chancellor-Aministration (emeritus))
Univ of Connecticut(Dir of University Planning)
Univ of Florida(Coordinator, Facility Planning)
Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(Assoc Director for Space Analysis)
Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(Assoc Provost for Capital Planning)
Univ of Lethbridge(Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science)
Univ of Lethbridge(Project Mgr, Destination Project Office)
Univ of Massachusetts, Lowell(Project Manager)
Univ of Missouri(Space Planner)
Univ of Nebraska, Omaha(Project Manager)
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas(Asst Dir of Academic Research & Space)
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas(Asst Dir, Research Infrastructure)
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas(Director of Academic & Research Space)
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas(Space Planning Analyst)
Univ of New Mexico(Chief Budget & Facilities Officer)
Univ of North Carolina, Greensboro(Asst Director, Space Management)
Univ of North Carolina, Greensboro(Director of Space Management)
Univ of North Texas(Dir, Facilities Plng, Design & Construction)
Univ of Notre Dame(Dir, University Facilities Information)
Univ of Notre Dame(Space Planner)
Univ of San Francisco(Director of Project Management)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Associate Director, Operations)
Univ of Saskatchewan(CFO & Director of Operations)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Dir, Planning & Development)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Director, Capital Planning)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Associate Vice President)
Univ of Texas at El Paso(Space Manager)
Univ of Texas at San Antonio(Dir, Planning & Dvlpmt/University Architect)
Univ of the Pacific(Dir, Capital Planning & Space Mgmt)
Univ of Toronto, Mississauga(Director-Operations, Design & Construction)
Univ of Toronto, Mississauga(Senior Facilities Planner)
Univ of Virginia(Dir of Space Planning & Management)
Univ of Washington School of Medicine(Space Planning Analyst)
Univ of Western Ontario(Assoc VP, Planning, Budgeting, I.T.)
Univ of Western Ontario(Facilities Manager)
Univ of Western Ontario(Planning Analyst)
US Geological Survey(Facilities & Space Management Specialist)
US Geological Survey(USGS Facilities Manager)
USAA(Strategic Business Partner)
UTMB Health(Asst VP, Facilities Portfolio Mgmt)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center(Director, Space Management)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center(Project Manager)
Waldner Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG(Senior Project Manager)
Waldner, Inc.(Partner Development Exec North America)
Washington State Dept of Enterprise Svcs(Facilities Senior Planner)
Washington State Dept Social & Health Svcs(Planning & Design Manager)
Washington State(Workplace Strategist)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Campus Architect)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Director of Leasing)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Project Director)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Space Manager)
Wilson Architects(Principal)
XTO Energy Inc.(Facilities Project Manager)
XTO Energy Inc.(Sr Facilities Project Manager)
ZGF Architects LLP(Design Principal)
ZGF Architects LLP(Interior Design Principal)
ZGF Architects(Associate Planner)
ZGF Architects(Associate)