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Deadline to Submit Speaking Applications: Monday, 4-20-2020

This is Tradeline's 9th annual conference detailing new space planning and management strategies that are delivering major improvements in financial performance, human performance, and workplace experience in academic, private sector, and government workplaces.

All stakeholders who are interested in speaking at the conference are tasked to demonstrate innovative ideas, models, processes, equipment, technology, and/or solutions for space planning and space management. Your speaking proposal should address one or more of the priorities and elements below. 

General presentation objectives:

  1. More accurate utilization studies, metrics, and analytical techniques
  2. Accommodating growth without the need for physical expansion
  3. New workspace designs: Open, activity-based, and unassigned workspace
  4. Strategies to ensure maximum space occupancy and capacity
  5. Higher quality and accessibility of space and occupancy data
  6. Space plans and strategies that lower occupancy costs
  7. Impact of space plans on wellness, human behavior, and productivity
  8. Improved change management for smooth transition to new workstyles
  9. Highly effective collaborative and interactive environments
  10. Master planning processes, issues, rationales, and solutions

Your presentation may call upon one or more of the following elements (and your own creative elements) to meet the objectives above:

  • Space utilization metrics and analytical techniques
  • Capturing and using reliable data for space utilization
  • Improved space utilization, functionality, and flexibility
  • Financial impacts of space decisions
  • Space plans and strategies that reduce footprint
  • Balancing unassigned vs. assigned seating
  • New metrics and standards for open-plan offices
  • Change management processes
  • Workspace environmental controls (noise, lighting, temperature, humidity, privacy)
  • Space allocation processes, issues, rationales, and solutions
  • New technology, tools, and methods for measuring space utilization
  • Aligning space management with organizational mission
  • IWMS, database, and cloud technologies that improve space management
  • Balanced solutions for collaboration/personal work environments
  • Wellness and health of building occupants 
  • Facility design features for recruitment
  • Accommodating growth without the need for physical expansion
  • New metrics and standards for unassigned workspace
  • Case studies of new workspace initiatives with results
  • Space plans for interaction, collaboration, communication
  • Findings on human performance outcomes of new space plans
  • Transitioning to unassigned, activity-based workspace
  • Space planning and design concepts for workplace experience
  • Increased workforce mobility and connectivity
  • Work culture assessment for designing the right space for your organization
  • Plans and features for flexible work environments
  • New video and mobile communication technologies and impacts on workspace


View the Past Participants list to see a sample of the organizations and job titles that will be participating.