Past Participants

The following is a sample list of past attendees of this conference:

AbbVie(Global Facilities Planner)
AbbVie(Senior Facility Planner)
Africa Health Research Institute(Executive Office Manager)
Alkermes, Inc.(Facilities Coordinator)
Arizona State University(Asst Dir, Space Resource Mgmt)
Arizona State University(Facilities Manager)
Assurant(Facility Planner)
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.(Occupancy Planner)
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.(Strategic Planner, Corp Real Estate/Workplace)
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals(Assoc Dir Occupancy Planning & Mgmt)
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals(Occupancy Planner)
BJC HealthCare(Director of Planning)
Bowling Green State University(Asst VP, Campus Operations)
California State University, Los Angeles(Space Resource Manager)
Carnegie Mellon University(Space Plng & Digital Project Mgr)
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health(Dir, Research Facility Planning & Ops)
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health(Mgr, Research Facility Planning Ops)
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health(Project Dir, Planning & Design/Redevelopment)
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia(Sr VP, Facilities , Real Estate, Cap Prgm)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Med Ctr(Space & Occupancy Planner)
Clorox(Facility Space Planner)
Cornell University(Co-Dir, Int'l Workplace Studies Program)
Daimler Trucks, North America(Space Planner Analyst)
Emory University(Assoc Director of Facilities)
Emory University(Director, Fulfillment Services)
Emory University(Exec Assoc Dean, Admin & Finance)
Emory University(Senior Accountant)
ESPN(Dir of Facilities)
ESPN(Dir, Facilities Design)
ESPN, Inc.(Assoc Dir, Space Planning & Design)
Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston(Manager of Administration)
Florida International University(Mgr, Administrative Services)
Florida SouthWestern State College(Facilities Plng Systems Mgr/Fire Official)
Genentech(Principal Campus & Scenario Plng Mgr)
Georgia Gwinnett College(Director of Operations)
GSK(Regional Master Planner)
GuideWell Innovation(Director Of Operations)
H. Lundbeck A/S Corporate Real Estate(Head Corp RE & Project Director)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute(Mgr, Administrative Operations)
Humboldt State University(Special Projects Leader & Principal Analyst)
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.(Sr Facilities Engineer)
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.(Sr Mgr, Workplace Management)
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab(Space Planner)
Johnson County Community College(Exec Dir, Audit & Advisory Services)
Johnson County Community College(Interior Services Coord/Space Planner)
Jounce Therapeutics(Assoc Dir, Facilities & Lab Operations)
JP Morgan Chase(Associate)
JP Morgan Chase(Executive Director)
JP Morgan Chase(Vice President)
King's College London(Facilities Advisor)
Lawrence Livermore National Lab(Strategic Site Planner)
Luxottica(Sr Director, Bldg Design & Services)
Massachusetts General Hospital Rsrch Inst(Analyst)
Massachusetts General Hospital Rsrch Inst(Dir, Research Space Mgmt Group)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Assoc Program Manager)
Miami University(Assoc Dir of Campus Planning)
Missouri S&T University(Space Planning Analyst)
NASA Headquarters(Master Planning Program Manager)
National Inst of Allergy & Infectious Disease(Architect)
National Institute of Standards & Technology(Architect)
National Institute of Standards & Technology(Program Analyst)
National Institutes of Health(Project Officer)
National Institutes of Health(Project Officer, LDCB)
Nationwide Children's Hospital(Dir, Research Facilities)
North York General Hospital(Mgr, Planning & Redevelopment)
North York General Hospital(Vice President)
Northwestern Mutual(Asst Dir, Workplace Solutions)
Northwestern Mutual(Corporate Art Program Manager)
Novo Nordisk Inc.(Assoc Director of Facilities)
Novo Nordisk Inc.(Manager of Space Planning)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory(Campus Architect)
Old Dominion University(University Space Manager)
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research(Senior Manager, Facilities)
Presidio Trust(Workspace & Facilities Coordinator)
Public Services & Procurement Canada(Client Account Manager)
Qatar Science & Technology Park(Projects & Facilities Manager)
Quicken Loans(Administrative Assistant)
Quicken Loans(Facilities Business Analyst)
Quicken Loans(Facilities Project Coordinator)
Quicken Loans(Facilities Support Specialist)
Quicken Loans(Space Planner)
Quicken Loans(Space Planning Team Leader)
RAND Corporation(Director, Facilities & Real Estate)
RAND Corporation(VP of Research Srvcs & Operations)
Rutgers Facilities Newark(Director)
Sandia National Laboratories(Strategic Planner)
Sandia National Laboratories(Strategic Space Planner)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Deputy Lead - Campus Development)
Stanford University School of Medicine(Assoc Dean, Facilities Planning & Mgmt)
Tarrant County College(President)
The Ohio State University(Asst Director of Facilities)
The Ohio State University(Dir, CFAES Facilities & Capital Planning)
Univ at Albany(Asst Vice Provost & Public Service Professor)
Univ at Albany(Dir, Office of Campus Planning)
Univ at Buffalo(Assoc Dir, Capital Planning)
Univ de los Andes(Laboratory Coordinator)
Univ of Alberta(Accommodation Planner)
Univ of California, Merced(Equipment & Inventory Manager)
Univ of California, Riverside(Space Manager)
Univ of Central Florida(Assoc Dir, Facilities and Resources)
Univ of Chicago Medicine(Asst Dir, Space Plng & Arch Svcs)
Univ of Cincinnati(Director of Space Management)
Univ of Cincinnati(University Architect & Sr Assoc VP PDC)
Univ of Connecticut(Asst Dir of Space Mgmt & Space Plng)
Univ of Delaware(Director)
Univ of Delaware(Space Manager)
Univ of Holy Cross(VP for Finance & Operations)
Univ of Michigan(Capital Projects Manager)
Univ of Michigan(Dir of Budget & Finance)
Univ of Missouri(Architect & Dir of Space Plng & Mgmt)
Univ of North Texas(Application Support Manager)
Univ of North Texas(Director of Space Management)
Univ of North Texas(Senior Data Analyst)
Univ of Pennsylvania(Director Design & Construction)
Univ of Phoenix(Design & Construction Manager)
Univ of Pittsburgh(Business Analyst)
Univ of Pittsburgh(Sr Dir of Administration)
Univ of San Francisco(Project Manager)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Mgr, Lease & Space Mgmt)
Univ of South Florida(Asst Dir Space Mgmt & Analysis)
Univ of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston(Program Dir, Facilities Planning)
Univ of Virginia(Dir of Space Planning & Management)
Virginia Tech(University Space Manager)
Wake Forest Univ School of Medicine(Associate Vice President)
Washington University in St. Louis(Space Planner/Planning Analyst)
Washington University(Sr Planner/Project Manager)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Asst Project Manager)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Director)
Wesleyan University(Senior Project Planner)
World Bank (IBRD)(Project Manager)