Pre-Conference Course

October 24-25, 2022
Austin, TX
  • Fundamentals of Space Planning and Space Management

    Margaret G Serrato, PhD, MBA, RA
    Workplace Strategist
    Elliot Felix
    Partner, and Founder, Brightspot


    Submitted comments from past participants:

    - Margaret is an incredibly skilled facilitator – very knowledgeable and experienced and has a strong command of the room.
    - I loved this and found it very beneficial. The topics were great and the presenters were very knowledgeable.  Thank you!
    - I appreciate the expertise of the presenters! I walked away with a much deeper understanding of what I should be focusing on in space planning and management.
    - Thank you! This was well worth it. An excellent course.
    - Awesome class! Thank you! 
    - Loved this! Got lots of great info from presenters AND the attendees. Great knowledge in the room!
    - I like that Tradeline conferences are about the topic and not just an excuse for time away. I’ve picked up very       valuable info today for my organization as a whole! Thank you!
    - Thanks so much for an extremely informative workshop. Well done!
    - Great dynamic conversation.
    - A great day!
    - All my questions were answered! Woo hoo!
    - Excellent job – I will be using these materials when drafting our strategic plan!
    - Space management and strategy are fairly new to me so I found all the sessions highly interesting and engaging.
    - Overall A+
    - The discussion in the room from people sharing their experiences are enriching and very well driven by the instructors. Thank you!
    - Well done! 
    - Well laid out course. Good flow to material. A day very well spent.
    - Overall very good! Generated great conversation.
    - Very helpful!
    - Great presentations and interaction with the group.
    - Really enjoyed!! Good class, I will recommend.  
    - Excellent!
    - Enjoyed the variety of topics and pace. Great discussion.
    - Great! Loved the open and dynamic conversation.
    - Love to see others have the same problems – make us feel validated. Really liked the best practices discussion.
    - Overall this has been excellent. Interesting to hear from others on their space management issues too.
    - Incredibly well prepared course!
    - Helpful program. Lots of ideas to take back for discussion. Thanks!
    - This was my first Tradeline event. Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop; very informative and educational.
    - Great class!
    - Great information
    - Excellent discussion around space request tools and space committees.
    - Presented a concrete data collection method that helped differentiate between densification and efficient utilization. Great discussions!
    - Great information was brought up through all sessions. The points touched on inspired me to look at new methods for implementation.
    - This was most useful to understand routing of people and development of spaces.
    - The future of space planning and management is very exciting!

    What you will learn: This course provides an introductory-level primer on planning and management of physical space. The course includes basic space planning and management vocabulary and concepts, and details the fundamental policies, processes, practices, analytical tools, and database management concepts involved in developing and implementing a space management plan for corporate, university, and government organizations.

    Who should attend: This course is open to all facility planners and designers, operations management, space planners, facility managers, resource and space analysis managers, financial planners, real estate portfolio/campus managers, architects and engineers, consultants, and software, furniture and casework providers.

    Space is limited and enrollment is subject to approval.

    1,190 Fundamentals Course only
    $1,050 with registration to the two-day conference immediately following
    (Fees include course materials, continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunch)

    Sunday, October 23, 2022 - 8:00am-4:30pm
    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
    American Institute of Architects (AIA)