Workplace change management in a highly resistant environment

October 24-25, 2022
Austin, TX
Robert D. Halvorson
Chief of Strategy and Project Management

It doesn’t get much more “resistant to change” than higher education in a US Military setting, yet here you will see the new workplace environment for the US Army War College that looks like it belongs in corporate America; how was that possible? Bob Halvorson sets out leadership and project management best practices for overcoming archaic regulations and restrictive policies, surmounting difficult budgeting processes, and engaging multiple recalcitrant stakeholder organizations in productive space solutions. He relates lessons learned for consensus building, design decisions, maintaining long-term facility performance targets, and the importance of a project champion. He profiles what is being achieved: A facility that retains organizational core values while delivering modern workplace features and contemporary adult learning methodology enablers.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 9:45am-10:10am