Redefining the way we work: Emerging best practices and change management initiatives

October 24-25, 2022
Austin, TX
Lorraine Mercier, OAQ
Director Project Office - New Models of Work
Virginie St-Pierre
Manager Space Strategy

A pilot project at McGill University is helping staff transition to -- and test the impact of --reimagined workplaces aimed at making employees and teams engaged, productive, safe, and effective. Lorraine Mercier and Virginie St-Pierre report on how the New Models of Work project office is evaluating the changing needs of administrative work and spaces, and advising on alignment of university mission with hybrid work models. They set out findings to-date, including how “flexibility” is being interpreted in different contexts, the best use of technology, matching solutions with culture, and the role of “neighborhoods" in participant satisfaction and engagement.

Monday, October 24, 2022 - 3:45pm-4:10pm