Energy Use Reduction

Filtered Fume Hoods May Dramatically Reduce Financial and Environmental Impacts

Filtered, CV, or VAV Hoods—Which is Right for You?

Published 10-15-2014

When compared to constant volume hoods (CV), variable air volume (VAV) hoods, and high-performance VAV (“low-flow”) hoods—based on a hypothetical 30-hood, 100,000-sf building—filtered hoods generate significant initial, operational, and environmental savings. This matters because chemical fume hoods used in commercial, research, and instructional laboratories are among the country’s biggest energy hogs.

Environment Hall: The Nicholas School of the Environment

Duke University

Published 10-1-2014

The five-story, 70,000-sf Duke Environment Hall, home of Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, serves as a living laboratory of sustainable design. The building, which is tracking LEED Platinum, houses the rapidly expanding undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the Environmental Sciences and Policy program.