Consolidated Forensic Laboratory

Government of the District of Colombia, Department of General Services

Published 8-28-2013

The 351,0000-gsf Consolidated Forensic Laboratory (CFL) in the District of Columbia serves the Department of Forensic Services, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and the Department of Public Health. The building rises seven stories above ground; two below-grade levels contain evidence storage, vehicle exam, firing range/bullet recovery, lab/exam areas, BSL-3, autopsy, support lab areas, offices/conference space, and the parking garage.

Project Demand and Market Stability Expected to Escalate Capital Construction Costs

Market Outlook 2013

Published 5-28-2013

Continued signs of stable economic growth indicate that the recovery is gaining momentum in many parts of the United States and Canada. Construction selling prices for institutional projects grew at a 6 percent annualized rate in 2012, on top of a 3 percent increase in 2011. Construction costs are expected to continue stabilizing and rising in many regions as market confidence and capital spending increase.

Future-Proofing Your Workplace

Building Change Management into the Design

Published 5-7-2013

The average lifespan of a building is 60 years, but the forces that drive the workplace may change as often as every six months. The challenge, whether for new construction or renovation, is to design a workplace that will adapt to a fluctuating timetable of changes in technology, business goals, and the workforce. The keys to success are a flexible workplace and a strong change management process.

Saint Louis County Health Campus

Saint Louis County Health Department

Published 4-16-2013

The two-story, 93,455-sf Saint Louis County Health Campus replaces and consolidates two facilities: the old headquarters and the John C. Murphy Health Clinic, which was located on the site. The first floor houses the vital records office, as well as the Murphy Health Center. The clinic includes women's health, pediatrics, dental, WIC, nutrition, X-ray, and clinical labs. The modern, spacious facility also houses health education, with three community classrooms and a larger community room. The Chest Clinic has a separate entrance on the west side of the building.

Agile Workplace Design Helps Businesses Achieve Their Goals

Positive Results from New Planning Processes

Published 4-9-2013

Creating an "agile workplace"—by determining the overall business goals of an organization, making an in-depth appraisal of how employees work, and creating an efficient, cost-effective workspace that satisfies various work requirements—can save money in the long run by providing a satisfying workplace designed around employee's work activities.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office Criminalistics Laboratory

Johnson County, Kansas

Published 3-5-2013

Johnson County's new Criminalistics Laboratory houses distinct forensic science labs—biology/DNA, firearms/toolmarks, latent prints, controlled substance, trace analysis, digital/multimedia, and crime scene investigation. Additional space allows for expansion of computer forensics and instrumentation. Other amenities include: wireless capability, expanded crime scene processing and evidence handling areas, separate section evidence storage areas, and a large multipurpose training room.