High Tech

  • Managing Cybersecurity Threats for Building Infrastructure in the IoT Age


    While the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) offers tremendous business potential for all types of organizations, it also presents significant new security challenges and privacy concerns. As the number of connected devices grows into the billions, so does the number of risks and exposures through multiple entryways, including building automation systems (BAS). Many of these network-connected devices and applications lack basic security measures because they are rushed to market or deployed rapidly without standard protections. In addition to providing hackers with more opportunities to gain access to corporate networks, exposed IoT devices—some as innocuous as a light bulb—allow hackers to take control over millions of devices at a time and use them to launch large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other attacks on the internet. This means that, while facility management and operations teams may have the most to gain from IoT platforms and applications, deploying and securing them is now an IT issue.     

  • Utilizing IoT to Create Smarter Spaces, Buildings, and Cities


    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a widely used buzzword that refers to a rapidly growing network of internet-connected devices and sensors that transmit data back to a central repository for rapid analysis. This network generates massive amounts of information that can be used to maximize energy efficiency, optimize space use, reduce costs, and increase operational visibility across all types of facilities and organizations. LED lights with sensors, smart grid meters, intelligent HVAC and security systems, even mobile and body-worn devices, all generate tremendous amounts of data that both humans and computers can use to make better decisions.

  • Micron Opens Semiconductor R&D Facility in Boise


    Micron Technology opened a $200 million semiconductor research and development facility in Boise in August of 2017.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality are Reinventing Medical Education


    Virtual and augmented reality are bringing new learning experiences to today’s medical students—and their campuses. The building boom is part of a revolution in the way medicine is taught.

  • Versum Materials Breaks Ground on R&D Laboratory


    Versum Materials broke ground in May of 2017 on a research and development laboratory in Hometown, Pa.

  • Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center Opens in Kissimmee


    The $75 million Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center opened in April of 2017 in Kissimmee.

  • Swansea University Constructs Computational Foundry


    Swansea University began construction in February of 2017 on the £31 million Computational Foundry in Wales in the United Kingdom.

  • University of Sydney Opens Nanoscience Hub


    The University of Sydney opened the AUD$150 million Sydney Nanoscience Hub in April of 2016.

  • CoorsTek Constructs Research and Manufacturing Center


    CoorsTek began building a $120 million research and manufacturing center in March of 2016 in Golden, Colo.

  • Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center Builds Kissimmee Facility


    Construction began in December of 2015 on the $71.4 million Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center in Kissimmee.