High Tech

  • Future-Proofing Your Workplace


    The average lifespan of a building is 60 years, but the forces that drive the workplace may change as often as every six months.

  • Performance Guaranteed Facility Model Provides Outcomes-Based Construction Method


    The Performance Guaranteed Facility (PGF) model is a relatively new type of public/private partnership that allows the occupants to own a building the moment construction begins, while private-sector partners commit to its design, construction, financing, and ongoing maintenance, including future

  • Building Information Modeling Enhances Space Management at OSU


    Ohio State University is creating three-dimensional models of its existing buildings as part of a comprehensive plan to address space management needs and to make informed decisions regarding renovation, construction, and maintenance projects.

  • Self-Powered Zero-Emission Education and Research Building Sets New Benchmark for Sustainability


    Australia's Griffith University is nearing completion of the world's first zero-emission teaching and research facility powered entirely by photovoltaic solar energy and stored hydrogen.

  • The "Social Building": A Flexible Approach to Technology in Academic Science Facilities


    A significant challenge in designing academic science facilities for tomorrow's tech-savvy students is that the lifespan of buildings far exceeds the lifespan of electronics. Electronics change dramatically every two to three years, while buildings are meant to last for more than 50 years.

  • TSMC Expands Fab 14 GigaFab


    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. broke ground in April of 2012 on a fifth phase of expansion at Fab 14 GigaFab in Taiwan. The facility will provide commercialized 20-nanometer process technology when it begins volume production in early 2014.

  • Toppan Photomasks Expands in Shanghai


    Toppan Photomasks announced plans in November of 2011 to expand its Shanghai manufacturing operation to better serve China's rapidly growing semiconductor industry.

  • Intel Plans Fab 42 in Chandler


    Intel Corp. will begin construction in mid-2011 on the $5 billion Fab 42 in Chandler, Ariz. The facility will be the most advanced high-volume semiconductor manufacturing plant in the world and will produce microprocessors with 14-nanometer transistors.

  • Brocade Opens Sustainable R&D Lab and Data Center


    Networking solutions provider Brocade opened its 75,000-sf R&D laboratory and data center in August of 2010 in San Jose, Calif.

  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Builds Gigafab


    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company broke ground on a $9.3 billion chip production plant in Taiwan in July of 2010. Featuring 104,000 sm of cleanroom space, the facility will be able to manufacture chips at the 28 nanometer scale.